Dorner Coverage Boosts L.A. News Audience

The six stations covering the Big Bear shootout and ensuing fire see viewership swell above 2 million, with KCBS’s 5 p.m. broadcast reaching its largest audience since 2004.

Dorner Standoff Challenges Media, Cops

Tuesday’s showdown with fugitive Christopher Dorner brought the conflicting agendas of law enforcement and the media into sharp relief, spotlighting the challenges —  and pitfalls — of such immersive live coverage. Uncensored obscenities made it on the air, phone conversations interrupted live coverage and journalists were asked by authorities to restrict their coverage to avoid tipping off the suspect.

Murder Suspect Sent CNN’s Cooper Package

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Law enforcement officials are inspecting a package CNN’s Anderson Cooper received from a former Los Angeles police officer who allegedly killed three in a shooting spree. CNN spokeswoman Shimrit Sheetrit said Thursday that a parcel containing a note, a DVD and a bullet hole-riddled memento were sent by Christopher Dorner and […]