Feds May Target Google Chrome For Breakup

Prosecutors for the Justice Department and state attorney general offices are discussing ways of curbing the search giant’s market power as they prepare to sue the company.

Chrome Users Sue Google Over Alleged Tracking

Chrome Is Next Major Traffic Driver

Chrome’s mobile article recommendations are up 2,100% in one year. It’s already driving almost as many visits as Twitter, and publishers have no idea why their stories get chosen (or don’t).

Critics Wary As Chrome Ad Crackdown Begins

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Today, Google will begin using its Chrome browser to eradicate ads it deems annoying or otherwise detrimental to users. It just so happens that many of Google’s own most lucrative ads will sail through its new filters. The move, which Google first floated back in June, is ostensibly aimed at making […]

Google Chrome To Allow Muting Of Video Ads

The Chrome team at Google is experimenting with a setting that will allow site visitors to mute and unmute a website directly from the “info bubble” on the page.

DirecTV Now To Restrict Users To Chrome

Google Takes To TV To Promote Browser

In an ad campaign using the old-fashioned medium of primetime TV, Google is promoting its browser, Chrome, in the belief that it will benefit Google search.