Google Merges Chromecast And Android TV

Google has altered its approach to TV and streaming, merging Chromecast and Android TV into a $50 Google-branded offering featuring a remote control. Chromecast with Google TV is the official new name for the setup, which marks the end of the Android TV brand name, which had been in use since 2014.

Philo Now Available Via Google Chromecast

Low-cost, sports-free streaming television service Philo said it has reached a deal with Google and is now available via Chromecast. Philo also said it rolled out Philo Connect, which will help Philo users connect and watch programming all of their devices.

Church Of Scientology To Launch A TV Network

LOS ANGELES (AP) — The Church of Scientology is about to get its own television channel starting Monday. A Twitter handle, website and app for Scientology TV appeared Sunday posting updates to hype the network’s availability on DirecTV, AppleTV, Roku, fireTV, Chromecast, iTunes and Google Play. A tweet Sunday from the ScientologyTV account says, “It’s […]

BET Intros Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast Apps

Vizio Teams With Google On The Future Of TV

In a win for Google, smart TV maker Vizio introduced a home entertainment control system Tuesday that is built on the internet search giant’s Chromecast streaming technology, rather than on competing systems from such companies as Apple.

Digital Streaming: Chromecast Gains; Apple TV Leads

Sling Will Give You A Free Chromecast

Sling Finally Coming To Chromecast

Watch ABC App Adds AirPlay, Chromecast Support

LG Releases Open Source Connect SDK

LG likes Chromecast’s way of casting media to the TV. So instead of copying it for webOS, the company decided to integrate casting into an open SDK capable of playing nice with multiple devices.

Vudu Is Adding Chromecast Support

WashPo Debuts Chromecast Integration

The Washington Post introduced its Chromecast integration today, becoming the first news organization to allow users to access their content through the growing second-screen device. The Post announced the Chromecast move over the summer as part of its PostTV video push

Hulu Plus Comes To Chromecast

Hulu, HBO, Pandora Coming To Chromecast

Google’s Chromecast will enjoy wider support from some of the most popular mobile video apps, including Hulu, HBO and Pandora. An interesting battle is taking shape between the search giant and Apple over the mobile-to-TV ecosystem.