Cincinnati Newsrooms Slowly Returning To Normal

Expect to see more TV journalists return to their workplaces as Cincinnati media companies slowly lift coronavirus pandemic restrictions that forced most reporters and producers to work from home since March of last year.

Cincinnati R-TV Personality Pat Barry Dies Of COVID-19


TV Gets An All-Star Boost In Cincinnati

Last week’s Major League Baseball All-Star game in Cincinnati gave a boost to what has become a hot market over recent months. After a flat start to the year, Cincinnati is healthy on TV, and buyers expect it to remain that way for the rest of 2015.

DMA 35

‘Ellen’ Move In Cincinnati Shakes Up TV Lineups

DMA 35

Cincinnati Stations Prepare For May Sweep

New faces, new spaces. Cincinnati TV newsrooms are tweaking morning newscasts and debuting new high-tech sets for what may be the most competitive ratings sweep periods in recent history.

DMAS 26, 32, 35 & 36

Aereo Adds Four Markets To Launch List

Next up on the streaming provider’s list is Cincinnati, Columbus, Indianapolis and San Antonio. An actual launch date hasn’t been set, but the company is hoping to go live in those cities by year’s end.

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Comparing TV Public Files In Cincinnati

An examination of the market’s TV stations public inspection files shows differences in details available.


Community, Mobile Drive Cincy Online Media

Cincinnati’s neighborhood sentimentality and diversity, has made the city a proving ground for various hyperlocal efforts, including Gannett’s Porkappolis location-based mobile app.

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New WKRC ND Wants Evolution, Not Revolution

DMA 33

Cincinnati Sweeps: 4 Stations In Tight A.M. Race

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WCPO Touts Its Big Channel Switch

The Scripps Cincinnati ABC affiliate today launches a 10-day “Plan to Rescan” campaign to promote the station’s move from digital VHF ch. 10 to UHF ch. 22. It’s making the move after receiving hundreds of complaints from viewers who could not continue watching the station after the switch from analog to digital broadcasting in June 2009.