Advertisers Boost Claims Against LinkedIn Over Inflated Metrics

Tech company TopDevz and diversity recruiting company Noirefy have beefed up a class-action complaint against LinkedIn over inflated ad metrics, in hopes of convincing a judge to allow the lawsuit to proceed.

Google Must Face Claims It Overcharged For Pay-Per-Click Ads


A federal appellate court has revived a class-action complaint alleging that Google overcharged pay-per-click advertisers by reneging on a promise to discount some ads, and failing to limit ads by location.

AT&T Sued Over DirecTV Now Subs

A class action suit has been filed alleging that AT&T pumped up the sub count for its DirecTV Now streaming service (since rebranded to AT&T TV Now) to mask “serious technical problems due to premature roll-out.”

DirecTV Finds Support At Supreme Court

In a 6-3 opinion, the Supreme Court said today that DirecTV’s contracts can specifically prohibit customers from banding together to sue the company, even though California state law would allow such class action lawsuits to go forward. It’s the latest in a series of high court rulings that favor the ability of businesses to limit their litigation costs by including mandatory arbitration in standard customer contracts.

NFL, DirecTV Hit With ‘Sunday Ticket’ Lawsuit

Bars and restaurants across America could be lining up to take a chunk out of the $12 billion deal the NFL has with DirecTV. A proposed class action filed Monday on behalf of San Francisco pub The Mucky Duck wants to free such establishments from what they see as the exorbitant prices they are paying to the league to show out-of-market games via the satellite provider’s Sunday Ticket package.


TWC Hit With Class Action Suit Over Blackout

Southern California residents demand to be reimbursed for channels blacked out during the fee fight.

FTC Language Change Could Add Liability

Marketers can no longer deny wrongdoing in settlements, potentially opening the door to class-action suits.