The Messenger Signs Deal To ‘Eliminate Bias’ And Flag ‘Clickbait’ With AI

‘Lucifer’ Fires Back Up, But Is Edged By ‘Clickbait’ On Nielsen Streaming Chart

Lucifer roared back to near the top of the Nielsen U.S. streaming chart after a new season of the show dropped on Netflix, but Clickbait edged it to stay No. 1. During the week of September 6 to 12, Clickbait collected 1.1 billion total viewing minutes, while Lucifer totaled 1.05 billion.

‘Clickbait’ Shoots To No. 1 On Streaming Rankings

Hulu places two shows in the top 10 originals for the first time with Only Murders in the Building and Nine Perfect Strangers.

The Clickbaitification Of Netflix

The same tricks that nearly destroyed online journalism now threaten to take over the streaming service.

Taboola, Purveyor Of Clickbait Ads, To Go Public

The content recommendation company is set to announce it will go public via Wall Street’s hottest trend — a publicly traded deal vehicle known as a SPAC. The deal values it at $2.6 billion.

Protecting Your Wallet From Fake News

There’s a situation that has been trending for some time that we need to be concerned about — ads masquerading as genuine media-generated stories. On the home pages of legitimate news sources — The Washington Post, The New York Times and other publications — are articles that may not immediately be recognized as advertiser-driven content.