TV Weather Presenters On The Hell And Horror Of The Climate Crisis

What is it like to have a front row seat for the worst show in the world? Four meteorologists describe how they are explaining the reality to viewers – and coping with it themselves. Above, Kait Parker on the Weather Channel.

Talking TV: Jim Cantore On Empathy’s Importance To Weather Reporting

TVNewsCheck‘s Michael Depp talks with meteorologist Jim Cantore from The Weather Channel about climate change, heightened competition in television weather and the critical role of empathy in telling weather’s story to TV audiences.

Hearst To Launch ‘Forecasting Our Future’ Project On Weather, Climate

A new “multi-pronged” reporting initiative will debut early next year, focusing on climate and weather’s impact on business, health, household finances and lifestyle, says Barb Maushard, Hearst SVP of news.

ABC News Plans Climate Change Coverage Push

The network is planning a monthlong series, Climate Crisis: Saving Tomorrow, which will kick off with coverage of the conference, and continue throughout November, spanning all 7 continents. The series will examine the causes and risks of climate change, and what steps would need to be taken to limit further damage. In addition, ABC News is creating a new unit focused on climate change, led by Chief Meteorologist Ginger Zee, joined by coordinating producer Tracy Wholf and producer Stephanie Ebbs.

Why Good Graphics Are Essential For Reporting On Climate Change

Data visualization can help people grasp the challenges that lie ahead.

How Many Good Science Sources Does Your Newsroom Have?

Meet SciLine, an organization that’s offering you 23,000 weather or science experts — for free.

Earth Day 2021: Seizing This Moment To Report On Climate As An Emergency

Breaking news: We face a climate “emergency” according to everyone from the heads of the European Union to the Pope. That realization can be overwhelming. After all, climate change is a planet-sized problem. But we see and experience the effects of climate change locally. That’s why local reporting is the most direct way to connect people in our communities to the real-world impacts of climate change. It’s also the most direct path to empower communities with reporting on solutions, and meaningful actions we can take individually and collectively.

CNN Ramping Up Its Climate Coverage


KNTV’s Down-To-Earth Approach To Climate Change

If Mark Twain were living today, he might amend his famous quote about the weather to say, “Everybody talks about climate change, but nobody does anything about it.” And Twain might agree that KNTV in San Francisco is doing something about it.

Seizing The Opportunity To Collaborate On Climate Coverage

Public attitudes on climate change have shifted dramatically in just the past five years. Don’t let that predictable “Fake News!” comment on your news station’s Facebook page mislead you or deter coverage. Nearly two-thirds of Americans now report being concerned (28%) or outright alarmed (31%) about climate change; while the minority of doubters (10%) and outright deniers (10%) continues to shrink.

Fuse Media’s Be Change Initiative Launches “Be Heard. Be Change.” Campaign

Fuse Media, a cross-platform entertainment media brand serving a multicultural Millennial and Gen Z audience, is today kicking off “Be Heard. Be Change.” — the latest iteration of its call-to-action initiative that launched earlier this year. The campaign will feature Stacey Abrams, a member of the board of advisors for Climate Power 2020, founder of Fair Fight and the Southern Economic Advancement […]

Telemundo Stations Documentary Tracks ‘Climate Change’

Climate Change/Cambio Climático, a new, 30-minute Spanish-language TV special produced by Telemundo’s KXTX Dallas, will air across Telemundo owned and affiliate stations on Earth Day, Wednesday, April 22. Hosted by AMS and Certified Broadcast Chief Meteorologist Néstor Flecha (KXTX), and featuring Telemundo station Meteorologists Michelle Trujillo (KVEA Los Angeles), Ariel Rodriguez (WSCV Miami), Pedro Montoro (WNJU […]

James Murdoch Criticizes Father’s News Outlets For Climate Crisis Denial

Weather Channel Wades Into Climate Debate

The hour-long special, scheduled to debut Nov. 7, interviews candidates at various sites chosen to illustrate the impact of climate change. Sen. Bernie Sanders, for example, speaks at the site of a devastating California wildfire and Sen. Kamala Harris along a flood-prone area of the Mississippi River.

How To Localize The Story Of Climate Change

Climate change is “planet-size.” But local audiences are increasingly hungry for coverage that connects those global trends to what’s happening in their own backyard. Early successes by a few local innovators point to the opportunity for local news stations to be the go-to source for climate coverage in their communities.

TV News Is Warming Up To Climate Change

Suddenly, TV news outlets that have found climate-change coverage difficult to emphasize for prolonged periods are warming up to more ambitious reporting.

More Than 170 Global News Outlets To Cover Climate Now Project

As World Heats Up, News Climate Changes

Rival newsrooms are joining together to meet a crisis years in the making. But there is disagreement among some journalists on how to play the story.

Nat Geo, Weather Ch. Defiant Over Paris Pullout


WTVJ’s John Morales Wants More Climate Reporting

Weather Ch. Takes Active Stance On Climate Change

NEW YORK (AP) — The Weather Channel is looking beyond cold fronts and summer showers with a project featuring the voices of 25 prominent people talking about the need to take action on climate change. The network says its “The Climate 25” series is about science, not politics. But its message is unmistakable, and is […]


Weathercasters Grapple With Climate Change

There’s a growing trend, supported by the White House, for TV stations to provide more coverage of the causes and effects of climate change. However, some in the business are wary of it either because they don’t feel expert enough or are concerned about the politically charged nature of the topic.

Study: Networks’ Climate Coverage Flawed

When it involves climate change coverage, viewers don’t always get the complete picture from U.S. network television, according to a University of Michigan study. Major networks — ABC, CBS and NBC — show the impact or actions taken in climate change stories, but rarely combine the components in the same broadcast to give viewers better coverage, the study shows.