ENCO enCaption Automated Closed Captioning System Boosts Productivity For Department Of Veterans Affairs

As part of the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, the VHA Employee Education System (EES) delivers an extensive range of training content, wellness programming, and departmental communications to VA staff and Veterans nationwide. Since successfully piloting an ENCO captioning solution, EES has deployed the company’s enCaption automated captioning system to achieve the department’s goal […]

Comment Deadlines Set For Closed Captioning Accessibility

With its publication in the Federal Register, the comment deadlines for the FCC’s request for input on making multichannel video programming distributors’ closed captioning settings more accessible have been set. Initial comments are due Feb. 17 and replies March 4.

Tightrope Integrates Automated Closed Captioning Into Cablecast Community Media Platform

Tightrope Media Systems is expanding the closed captioning options in its Cablecast Community Media broadcast automation, playout and content publishing platform with a new cloud-based captioning engine and enhanced third-party integration. Community broadcasters using Cablecast VIO servers can trigger automated captioning of both live and file-based content for all viewing platforms – including cable television, web, mobile, and OTT — directly from within the Cablecast user interface. New […]


Automated Captioning Leaps Forward, Improving Its Business Case

Continuous advances in AI, machine learning and natural language processing have boosted automated closed captioning’s value well beyond regulation compliance. Above: The caption edit user interface for Digital Nirvana’s Trance transcription and captioning solution.

Digital Nirvana Announces Trance 3.2 For Closed Captioning, Transcription

Digital Nirvana, a provider of media-monitoring and metadata generation services, has introduced Trance 3.2, the latest version of its enterprise-grade, cloud-based application for closed captioning and transcription. Trance 3.2 has several new features that the company says will enable faster, more efficient production of publishable closed captions and translations. New features include upgrades to the […]

EEG Video Launches CDI Alta To Support Live Captioning For AWS Cloud Digital Interface

EEG Video, a provider of closed captioning technology, has introduced CDI Alta. This latest update to EEG’s Alta IP Video Captioning Encoder extends its support to Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) Cloud Digital Interface (CDI), making it easier and more affordable for content creators to caption cloud-based live video production. The introduction of CDI Alta follows […]

EEG Video Launches Falcon Update With HTTP Live Streaming Output Mode

EEG Video, a provider of closed captioning technology, has upgraded its popular Falcon Live Streaming RTMP Encoder. With the introduction of HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) output mode, Falcon now provides extensive support for world language web captioning. In HLS output mode, Falcon can add up to six segmented Video Text Tracks (VTT) caption tracks to […]

ENCO Moves To New Michigan Headquarters

ENCO has shifted its business operations to a modernized office space in Novi, Mich., just 17 miles from the company’s longtime Southfield headquarters. The company says the newly constructed, 12,000-square-foot facility will offer a more collaborative work environment and a centralized location for staff and customers in the Detroit suburbs. ENCO’s entire operation across sales, administration, engineering, […]

WISH Expands Captioning Possibilities With ENCO’s enCaption4

Wanting a more cost-effective way to close caption its content, Circle City Broadcasting’s CW affiliate WISH Indianapolis selected the automated enCaption4 system from ENCO to meet its both its scheduled and late-breaking captioning needs. Prior to adopting enCaption4, all of WISH’s closed captioning was done by human transcribers through a service company that would dial in to the station’s caption encoders. The […]


TVN Tech | AI Gains Traction In Captioning Market

AI- and cloud-based captioning systems offer ever-improving accuracy for broadcasters, while the real incentive to adopt them is dramatically lower costs than manual captioning workflows.

Digital Nirvana Releases Trance 3.0

Digital Nirvana, a provider of media-monitoring and metadata generation services, has released Version 3.0 of its Trance enterprise-grade, cloud-based application for closed captioning and transcription. Trance 3.0 boasts enhancements that bring significant efficiency gains to internal captioning processes, and the application’s cloud architecture and integrated project management tools enable users to remain productive no matter […]

Shreveport Duopoly Live Captions Newscasts With ENCO

KTBS (ABC) and KPXJ (CW) Shreveport, La. (DMA 86), needed a more streamlined and cost-efficient method of meeting FCC mandates for closed captions. After evaluating several captioning products, the evaluation team at KTBS LLC. chose ENCO’s enCaption4 automated closed captioning system. “The trend in broadcast TV today is towards producing more live, unscripted content,” said Bob Shafer, assistant chief engineer for KTBS-KPXJ. […]


Seattle To Require Closed Captioning For TVs In Bars, Restaurants, Stadiums

Deluxe And AWS Collaborating On Cloud

Deluxe Entertainment Services Group have set a multi-year, strategic collaboration with Amazon Web Services to offer faster and at-scale solutions for content creators and distributors. Additionally, Deluxe selected AWS as the company’s primary cloud provider, fully integrating AWS services to enable end-to-end content solutions offered via the Deluxe One platform. Deluxe said: “The agility of serverless workflows on […]

VoiceInteraction To Showcase Automatic Closed Captioning At NAB

VoiceInteraction will be showcasing the sixth generation of its automatic closed captioning product, Audimus.Media, at next week’s NAB Show (booth SU11021). The company’s flagship product, Audimus.Media, was built upon VoiceInteraction’s speech processing technology as a proprietary automatic closed captioning solution comprising state-of-the-art signal processing and machine learning techniques for live shows. It covers captioning accessibility requirements to live TV broadcast, Internet […]

Digital Nirvana At The 2019 NAB Show

Digital Nirvana offers a repertoire of knowledge management technologies and solutions. It will be in Booth SU9807. MonitorIQ 6.0 — MonitorIQ is a leading broadcast-monitoring solution from Digital Nirvana that offers services such as signal and loudness monitoring, air-check logging, competitive analysis, and content repurposing. The solution is Linux-based for secure scalability. This highly efficient […]


Jessell | Let’s Make The Partial FCC Shutdown Permanent

Eventually, Congress or the White House is going to cave and the FCC will be back to its old self. That’s too bad. Wouldn’t it be nice if the shutdown of some pointless and counterproductive broadcast regulations were permanent?


AI Is A Key To Automated Closed Captioning

To accommodate the hearing impaired, the FCC requires stations to caption news and other live programming that they broadcast with minimal delays between the audio and captions. Some broadcasters would like to go beyond the regulatory mandate and caption all the programming they put on digital media. Automated captioning, helped by artificial intelligence, is closing in on making that a real possibility.


Digital Nirvana: Show Metadata Creation App, Closed Captioning, Media Monitoring

At the NAB Show New York 2018, Global Media Solutions and Services Provider Digital Nirvana will present its content-based metadata creation app Metadator for Avid media platform users, cloud-based closed caption generation and caption retrieval and synchronization service, and the latest version of its flagship Media Monitoring Platform. Digital Nirvana will showcase its offerings at […]

Finding Closed-Caption Content Online

Many streaming video providers offer movies and television shows with embedded text descriptions for those who cannot hear the words being spoken.

Bringing AI To Closed Captioning


On The NAB Exhibit Floor: ENCO & Actus Digital

ENCO & Actus Digital | Booths N2024 & SU11021 | Websites: http://www.enco.com/ & http://actusdigital.com/ ENCO has forged a partnership with Belgium-based broadcast compliance monitoring specialists Actus Digital, with ENCO becoming the first North American distributor of Actus’ comprehensive media intelligence platform. The two companies will highlight their relationship and interoperability between their complementary solutions. Designed for broadcasters, networks, cable operators, IPTV providers and government organizations, the Actus platform is […]


On The NAB Exhibit Floor: Digital Nirvana

Digital Nirvana | Booth SU14312 | Website: www.digital-nirvana.com  Digital Nirvana, developers of media management products, will show its full line of products and services. With new service offerings to be announced at a later date, booth highlights will include the newest version of its flagship MonitorIQ platform, the CAR/TS (Capture, Analyze, Replay – Transport Stream) transport […]

NCTA To FCC: Waive Closed Captioning Rules

The NCTA has asked the FCC to make it clear that pay TV operators are not responsible for seeking closed-captioning registration or compliance certification for every show that runs on each programming network.


Cable Shopping Ch. Automates Closed Captioning


Closed Captioning Chores Reassigned

Modified programmer compliance certifications and complaint procedures to take effect on Sept. 22. Video programmers will have to provide annual certifications to the FCC concerning their provision of captioning and their compliance with the commission’s quality control process. Additionally, the commission has revised the way that complaints about captions are to be processed.

FCC Updates Its Closed Captioning Rules

It moves to clarify which entities are responsible for which parts of the delivery and quality of closed captions on television and also simplifies the FCC’s certification processes.

Weather Channel Picks Patriot Media As Sales Rep

Patriot Media Group, a division of U.S. International Media, has been appointed as the sales representative for The Weather Channel’s Closed Captioning sponsorships. “We are excited to partner with Patriot Media Group and Caption Colorado to bring the best in class captioning services to The Weather Channel,” said Jeremy Jones, director of television products for […]


3Play Media Publishes Closed Caption Resources


New Closed Captioning Rules On March 16

As a quick refresher, the FCC adopted closed caption quality standards and technical compliance rules to ensure video programming is fully accessible to individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. In April 2014, the FCC announced a series of effective dates for the requirements, and in December 2014 it extended a Jan. 15, 2015, deadline for compliance with certain rules to March 16. Here’s a rundown of those requirements.


Weak Link Develops In Closed-Captioning Chain

FCC Wants To Improve Closed Captioning

Closed captioning is designed to help the deaf and hearing-impaired enjoy television. But the captions are often riddled with typos or incomplete sentences that leave viewers struggling to make sense of what’s being said. Now the FCC is doing something about it. On Thursday, the agency is expected to adopt new rules that it hopes will improve the quality of closed captioning.

Unicorn Media Adds Closed Captioning To Products

ENCO Offers Next-Gen Live Automated Captioning

Zooey Deschanel Gets Apology After Bomber ID

NEW YORK (AP) — A TV captioning service has apologized for misidentifying “New Girl” star Zooey Deschanel as one of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects on a Texas news broadcast. Lawrence, Kan.-based Caption Solutions says it and its captioner “deeply regret” the mistake. Company president Kala J. Patterson says in a statement issued Tuesday they […]


Solving The Challenge Of Online Captioning

By next March 30, stations must provide captioning for the hearing impaired of any full-length newscasts that they simulcast online live or stream within 24 hours of their original broadcast. A number of vendors are working on solutions to this difficult task and say they’ll be ready by the spring deadline.

NATPE 2012

Univision To Air Novelas With English Captions

Univision Communications Inc. on Tuesday announced plans to offer all of Univision Network’s primetime novelas with English-language closed captioning on CC3. This will apply to the network’s complete weeknight block, coinciding with the premiere of the newest novela from Univision Studios and Venevision, El Talismán, on Jan. 30 at 8 p.m. ET. “The continued success of […]


Closed Captioning Exemption Deadline Looms

If you happen to be one of the 298 television programmers who lost closed captioning exemptions last October, heads up — your programming must be fully compliant with the closed captioning rules beginning Jan. 19, 2012. But take heart, you can re-apply for your exemptions. The deadline for re-filing is Jan. 18.

FCC Cracks Down On Religious Broadcasters

If a church broadcasts the word of God on TV without closed captions, it risks incurring the wrath of the FCC. Some 300 small to medium-size churches can expect letters from the commission within the next few days explaining why their closed captioning exemptions were lifted for TV shows like Power in the Word and Producing Kingdom Citizens.