Ivan Rodriguez Named CNN Newsource Correspondent In Atlanta

CNN Newsource Adds Staff From KIRO, WBAL

Gannett Stations To Drop CNN Newsource


News Services Moving From Satellite To Cloud

Most of the satellite-delivered news sharing services are migrating their distribution from satellites to cloud-based systems.The main reasons are faster upload and download times, no hassles over booking satellite time and the cost savings that come from no longer needing dishes and servers. The exception is NBC News Channel, which still has concerns about the cloud’s reliability.

Local TV Trend: And Now, The Identical News

After at least a dozen stations carried a story on how the election campaigns were getting “a little salty,” with an identical script, Conan O’Brien strung all the copycat clips together and played them for comedic effect on his nightly TV show on TBS. How did that happen? The “salty” story was produced by an “affiliate service,” CNN Newsource, and syndicated to dozens of stations around the country.