CNN Hires Fired FBI Official Andrew McCabe As Contributor

Trump Frets As CNN Benches His Biggest Defender

Safety Concerns On The Rise At CNN

In a matter of a few days, CNN host Chris Cuomo and contributor April Ryan were involved in separate altercations, both captured on video. A third network figure, host Don Lemon, was accused in a civil suit of harassing behavior stemming from an encounter last summer. There is no indication that the episodes are related, but CNN has repeatedly suggested the Cuomo encounter was “orchestrated” to provoke the anchor-host. The network sees itself as subject to threats in the wake of relentless criticism and provocations from President Trump.

Former CNN Photographer Dies From 9/11 Related Cancer

CNN Supports Anchor Chris Cuomo After Altercation Captured On Video

Chinese Billionaire Sues CNN’s Erin Burnett

Billionaire Guo Wengui, a fugitive from China who resides in the United States, has filed a defamation lawsuit against WarnerMedia and CNN’s Erin Burnett, saying that a July 23 episode of Erin Burnett OutFront contained false statements about him.

CNN’s Debates Gave Conflict A Reality-TV Boost

Facing elimination in the next round, Democratic candidates sought to stand out by lashing out, and the network played up the drama.

Cable TV News Viewership Slows In July

Cable TV news networks’ viewership slowdown continues in July — with Fox News Channel maintaining its overall lead. Though Fox News posted virtually flat total viewership in daytime and programming programming, it sank in key adults 25-54 viewers that advertisers value.


CNN Needs To Lose Its Debate Stopwatch

With frustratingly tiny and rigidly enforced response time, outsize attention to fringe candidates and divisive questions — some of which could have been framed by the Republican National Committee — the first Detroit debate was a lost opportunity to inform the voting public. The debate format is an embarrassment. Here’s how to make it better.

CNN’s Lemon Doesn’t Back Down From Trump

Trump used Twitter on Wednesday to attack CNN’s Don Lemon performance in Wednesday’s Democratic debate. After insulting Lemon’s intelligence, the president said the CNN anchor had insinuated that he was a racist, “when in fact I am ‘the least racist person in the world.’ ” Trump was apparently quoting himself.

Democratic Debate Ratings Take Big Hit

CNN’s coverage of the 10 candidates falls by more than 40% over the first debate of the primary cycle in late June.

MSNBC’s Maddow Slips To 5th Place In July

New Rules For Second Democratic Debate

At the second Democratic presidential debate, which will unfold over two nights in Detroit on Tuesday and Wednesday, viewers will note some differences compared to the first debates.  CNN pledges not to ask questions that require a show of hands by the politicians or that confine all the contenders to a one-word “yes” or “no” answer.

HuffPost Editor-at-Large Vicky Ward Joining CNN As Senior Reporter

CNN, MSNBC Slate Climate-Focused Debates

CNN is inviting Democratic presidential candidates to debate issues surrounding climate change in New York on Sept. 4. Meanwhile, in a separate initiative, rival MSNBC is inviting candidates from both parties to come to Washington on Sept. 19-20 to tackle climate change.

CNN Wins Partial Victory in Fired Producer Suit

The California Supreme Court handed CNN a partial victory in its dispute with fired producer Stanley Wilson, who was terminated over plagiarism concerns. The court’s opinion offers the possibility looking ahead that employment discrimination and retaliation lawsuits will face more scrutiny at the outset.

Wemple: With ‘Draw,’ What Was CNN Thinking?

“How complicated and baroque can we make the process of dividing a pool of candidates into two separate lots?” asks media critic Eric Wemple of CNN’s The Draw. Those who tuned in Thursday night could see for themselves as the network assembled a pool of 12 people to draw Democratic presidential candidate debater positions and dates, along with eight additional pundits to analyze it all.

CNN Sets Schedule For Dem Debates Round Two

The second round of Democratic debates will take place July 30-31 in Detroit with both nights featuring at least two top-tier candidates each. Candidates’ debate night podium position will be based on public polling.

CNN Slammed For Having White Nationalist Talk About Trump’s Tweets


CNN Rides The IP Train Into Hudson Yards

The global news giant has built the first major broadcast facility to be completely based on the SMPTE 2110 IP networking standard. “The idea behind going IP was to get everything across CNN’s facilities connected,” says Bob Hesskamp, EVP of broadcast engineering for Turner. “The other reason we did this was we wanted to build a facility that wasn’t out of date on Day One, that was software-configurable, expandable and easier to make changes to.”

CNN Will Hold A Live Drawing To Determine The Next Democratic Primary Debate Lineup


Sharing Strategies For Launching OTT Services

Executives from leading local and national news players in the OTT space discuss their various options for packaging and presenting content on the platform. Also crucial is figuring out how best to differentiate one’s OTT service from the many competing options, overcoming a lack of viewing metrics and personalizing content for viewers.

CNN’s Acosta Tells Of Death Threats In Book

CNN Doesn’t Seem To Have Clear Lobbying Policy

Trump Urges AT&T Boycott Over CNN Coverage

President Donald Trump has just arrived in the United Kingdom for a multi-day diplomatic visit to America’s longest and strongest ally, and what is his first message upon arrival? Blasting CNN and making a strong suggestion of boycotting owner AT&T because of the cable network’s coverage.

CNN Cutting 13 Jobs In London

CNN Lays Off Staffers From Its Health Unit

CNN Loses Another Conservative Contributor To Trump Administration

CNN Reporter Criticized For Comparing 2020 Democratic Contenders To ‘Game of Thrones’ Characters

After Round Of Buyouts, CNN Staffers Worried

CNN staffers are concerned about an impending reorganization or round of involuntary cost-cutting after more than 100 of their colleagues raised their hands to take a voluntary buyout that was described as a “separation program.” “Everybody is bracing for a reorganization,” a senior producer said. “There are all kinds of rumors about impending layoffs.”

CNN Photog David Rust Retiring After 40 Years

More Than 100 CNN Workers Take Voluntary Buyouts

CNN Ratings Drop Coincides With Release Of Mueller Report

Fox News Dominates April Cable Ratings

FNC Tops CNN’s Town Hall Palooza

Pluto TV Launches Channel Featuring CNN Content

Former CNN ‘Inside Africa’ Host Soni Methu Dies

CNN Hits Ratings Low With First Of Five Presidential Town Halls This Week

Chris Cuomo Fighting For His Life On CNN

The anchor has parlayed a combative style and a “both sides” approach into the top-rated broadcast on the third-place network. He’s still not satisfied.

Cable News Nets’ 25-54 Viewers Drop

While cable TV news networks have seen stable or rising overall viewership in recent months, advertisers are seeing declines in a key TV news demo. In the first quarter of this year, viewers 25-54 were down between 14% and 17% for the three major news channels: Fox News Channel lost 15% in primetime to 421,000 Nielsen-measured viewers, while MSNBC was down 18% to 333,000; and CNN was off 10% to 308,000.