Billing For Co-Op Ads: A Pathway To Sanity

One of the industry’s greatest challenges in helping local retailers take advantage of their co-op dollars involves meeting the manufacturer’s rigorous documentation requirements. These requirements exceed the capabilities of today’s traffic and billing systems. Learn how to overcome these challenges, saving time, increasing customer satisfaction levels and improving stations’ ability to aggressively pursue co-op opportunities.


How To Capitalize On Co-Op Ad Opportunities

There are literally hundreds of national brands offering to reimburse for media purchased by the local businesses that sell their products and services. But make no mistake about it, going after co-op advertising dollars can be challenging. Here are some suggestions on how to increase your share of money from the hundreds of national brands offering to reimburse for media purchased by the local businesses that sell their products and services.

How Local Media Can Grow Co-Op Ad Dollars

An MFM-BCCA Distance Learning Seminar on Nov. 9 will offer information and advice on how stations can best compete for a share of the $50 billion co-op ad market.

Most Franchisees Use Co-Op Dollars On Ads

A new report from BIA/Kelsey titled “Advertising and Marketing Trends of Franchisees” reveals 65% of franchisees surveyed use co-op dollars for advertising and promotion, with more than one-third reporting that up to half of their ad spend comes from co-op dollars. The report is the latest in a series based on data from BIA/Kelsey’s Local Commerce Monitor […]

Billions Of Co-Op Ad Funds Go Unclaimed

The failure to understand the co-op advertising process continues to leave billions of dollars unclaimed and unused, according to a recent white paper. The Local Search Association released a white paper that estimates that of the total $36 billion-$70 billion annual co-op advertising dollars available from U.S. manufacturers, roughly between $14 billion and $35 billion go unclaimed.


Getting A Greater Share Of Co-Op Dollars

More than $14 billion in digital co-op dollars is being left on the table, writes MFM’s Mary Collins, who offers some strategies for attracting them and better inoculating against potential dollars lost to ad blocking this year. Among her tips: look to use social, mobile and video advertising and provide a holistic, 360-degree view to potential clients.


More Options, More Scrutiny For Co-Op Ad $

As a result of the lingering questions over the effectiveness of digital, the co-op marketing plans that stations are submitting these days to their network and syndication partners are undergoing more scrutiny than ever as the two sides wrangle over how much money to spend on the new marketing methods. Sometimes the process runs smoothly, sometimes not. It all depends on whom you talk to.