Nielsen Still Bullish On Code Reader Ratings

Despite the decision to postpone the roll out of the controversial new diary replacement system for local TV until Jan. 1, Nielsen’s Matt O’Grady tells the TVB crowd it is the way to go. “I know there are plenty of questions about this remodel. However, I also know that remodeling is the future for us to assign demos to big-data sets. I know we can get it right.”

Nielsen Pushes Back Code Reader Rollout

The ratings firm says it’s moving the introduction of its new system that would replace paper diaries from Oct. 1 to January following “significant feedback” from clients concerned about the so-called “viewer assignment” methodology the new system is using to derive demographic data for stations in smaller markets from larger local people-meter markets, some located far away.


Stations On Edge Over Nielsen’s New Ratings

Results from the ratings service’s new “code-reader” viewer measuring system that is set to replace the age-old paper diaries become available in June and what the data will look like is anybody’s guess. Uncertainty over the new system, its accuracy, its impact and its pricing appears widespread in the 14 markets where the new system is being introduced.

Nielsen Installing New Local TV System

Last week, Nielsen began installing new technology that is a cornerstone in its efforts to transform ratings in local markets. The “code reader” is making its way into homes in St. Louis and Charlotte and coming soon to Dallas.