‘Mad Men’ Cast Now On Coke Bottles In Times Sq.

As Coke Exits, Future Of ‘Idol’ Looks Grim

If American Idol was in rough shape before (which it was), it’s looking at an even bleaker future now that Coca-Cola has publicly said it won’t be running ads in the reality show’s 14th season. Coke’s unstated statement is pretty blunt: Young people who like music aren’t watching broadcast anymore. They’re watching YouTube, living on mobile, playing video games and tuning into a select few traditional TV networks.

Coke Loses Faith In 30-Second Spots

Coca-Cola looks to focus its TV ad spending on so-called DVR-proof events, while buttressing them with 360-degree campaigns. With ad-skipping rampant, the company has lost faith in the effectiveness of traditional ads in comedies and dramas, save for certain key broadcasts.