Differences Between Online Cable Bundles

Traditional cable providers are launching TV packages that don’t require cable boxes — good for you because you save on monthly equipment fees and don’t need a technician to come install it for you. Here’s a breakdown of what’s good and what’s not:

Cutting The Cord While Keeping The Bundle

Sahil Patel looks at Comcast’s announcement on Monday that it will debut a new Web-based option, Stream, and finds it’s a clever test of OTT distribution while actually keeping the bundle intact (the service is available only to Comcast’s Internet subscribers). “As much as the TV business is forced to adapt and change, it’s trying equally hard to keep what it can intact,” he writes.

Comcast Offers Its Web Alternative To Cable

At first, Comcast’s Stream service will be offered in three cities and include programs from about a dozen networks. The $15-a-month service, which will provide access to live and on-demand programming, reflects a mainstream cable company’s effort to stay relevant as streaming grows in popularity.