Comic Book Superheroes Crowd TV Screens

Comic book superheroes have found new life on TV, a trend that continues and likely will outlive us all. Beyond lighting up the movie box office, superheroes on TV allow a longer, richer connection with fans. Producers and network executives consider fan bickering pleasant background noise. At least it stirs conversation.

Comic Book Heroes Gain New Ground On TV

Five comic book favorites — Gotham, Constantine, The Flash, iZombie and Agent Carter — are scheduled to hit the small screen via the networks this fall, joining another two already on-air. The current surge, part of Warner Bros. and Disney’s efforts to mine popular properties, comes amid the success of comic-book characters in movies and the mighty ratings performance of AMC’s graphic-novel-based The Walking Dead.

Five 1980s NBC Shows Revived As Digital Comics

Discovery Channel Expanding Into Comic Books

PHILADELPHIA (AP) – After chewing up television with its wildly popular Shark Week, Discovery Communications aims to snatch an even bigger bite for its popular franchise: comic books. The parent company of Discovery Channel and Animal Planet hopes to make a big splash when it releases its first comic book, “Top 10 Deadliest Sharks.” The […]