GOP Votes To Withdraw From Presidential Debate Panel

The Republican National Committee voted Thursday to withdraw from the commission responsible for organizing presidential debates, taking a line from former President Trump, who has repeatedly leveled accusations of anti-Republican bias against the group. The unanimous vote by the RNC effectively bars its presidential nominees from participating in events organized by the Commission on Presidential Debates, which has run such debates since 1988.

RNC Moves To Require Presidential Candidates To Skip Debates

The Republican National Committee alerted the Commission on Presidential Debates on Thursday that it plans to require GOP presidential nominees not to attend debates run by the commission going forward. McDaniel said GOP voters “have lost trust” in the commission and noted that the RNC has proposed a number of reforms to the debate process.

Trump, Biden Clash Over Debate Timing, Format

Trump’s campaign is seeking to delay the final two debates by one week after the president pulled out of next Thursday’s event to protest the organizing commission’s decision to make the debate virtual. The Biden campaign said it will not agree to the delays, but instead wants the final debate to be a town hall style event to make up for next week’s scuttled showdown.

Presidential Debate Moderators Announced

NBC’s Lester Holt will moderate the first scheduled presidential debate on Sept. 26. ABC’s Martha Raddatz and CNN’s Anderson Cooper are doing the second and Fox News Channel’s Chris Wallace the third.

Black Journalists Protest Debate Exclusion

NEW YORK (AP) – A group of black journalists says it is disappointed in the lack of ethnic diversity among the people chosen to moderate presidential debates. The National Association of Black Journalists said Friday that the Commission on Presidential Debates needed to stop treating black reporters and other minority journalists as if they were […]

Debate Group Denies Univision Request

The Commission on Presidential Debates is denying Univision’s request to host a “forum” with the presidential candidates that would address Latino issues.