GOP Sees Chance To Overhaul Telecom Law

Republicans believe they are finally close to overhauling the Communications Act, whichhas been a cornerstone of tech and telecom regulation for decades. The chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee and veteran lawmakers on the House Energy and Commerce Committee are vowing to make changing the law a centerpiece of their 2017 agenda.

How GOP Could Rewrite Communications Act

There’s a burgeoning push by House Republicans to rewrite the nation’s communications laws. If the effort pans out — and Republicans certainly seem eager to try — we could see a major reworking of the laws that shape how you watch TV, get online and make phone calls.


Congress Wants Opinions On Comm. Act

During the past year, the call to update the much amended Communications Act of 1934 has gained momentum, with Congress showing increased interest in taking on the controversial task. On Wednesday, the House Energy & Commerce Committee announced the release of a White Paper outlining the current state of the Communications Act that includes a series of questions and “offering an opportunity for interested parties to comment on any aspect of the Communications Act.”

Upton, Walden Plan To Update Comm. Act

Via a Google Hangout, key House committee chairmen Greg Walden (left) and Fred Upton launched a multiyear effort to examine the nation’s communications laws and update them for the Internet era. Former FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell also speaks during the video.