SiriusXM Buys Team Coco; Conan O’Brien To Remain Host Of Flagship Podcast

SiriusXM has acquired Team Coco, Conan O’Brien’s podcast network and digital media business, including his popular podcast Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend. Team Coco’s staff will continue to produce the network’s slate of podcasts and collaborate on new content for SiriusXM. The deal includes a five-year talent agreement for O’Brien to remain host of his namesake podcast, which will continue to be widely available widely.

Conan O’Brien Ends TBS Latenight Show With Snark, Gratitude

“Try to do what you love with people you love, and if you can manage that, it’s the definition of heaven on Earth,” he said, marking the end of his third latenight show over 28 years. It’s a tenure second only to Johnny Carson’s 30 years on Tonight. O’Brien’s next venture is a weekly variety series for HBO Max, set to arrive in 2022 with an as-yet unannounced format.

Conan O’Brien Sets End Date For TBS Show

The host will bring his nightly show to a close in late June but will continue his relationship with WarnerMedia via a weekly HBO Max series.

Conan Ending TBS Show, Lands HBO Max Weekly Gig

Conan O’Brien will end his late-night series Conan on TBS next year, but he’s not leaving the WarnerMedia family. He will then launch a new weekly variety series on HBO Max. Conan will end in June of 2021.

Conan O’Brien To Tape Show At Club

Conan O’Brien is heading to Largo at The Coronet in Los Angeles to shoot his TBS talk show, becoming the first of the latenight hosts to move his show out of his house and make tentative steps to a return to full production. Conan will begin filming at the comedy club from Monday, July 6, in accordance with government and industry health and safety protocols.

Latenight Hosts Get Serious Over Racism

It has become a ritual — a somewhat inexplicable one, as TBS’s Conan O’Brien noted — for these comics to come on the air after acts of terrorism, school shootings or other national traumas to try to make sense of them for their audiences. “Today feels very different,” O’Brien said Monday night. “It doesn’t feel right to talk about my feelings of sadness and anger. That truly feels inadequate and somehow wrong.”

Conan O’Brien To Produce Shows From Home

With most of the TV industry shutting down production because of the COVID-19 emergency, Conan O’Brien will be making new episodes of his TBS show from his home. Conan will be shot on an iPhone and the comic will interview guests via video chat. “The quality of my work will not go down because technically that’s not possible,” O’Brien said.

Conan O’Brien Settles Joke-Theft Lawsuit

SAN DIEGO (AP) — Conan O’Brien has made peace with a man who heckled him not from the crowd but the courts. O’Brien and several co-defendants, including his writing staff, agreed Thursday to settle a 2015 lawsuit with California writer Robert Kaseberg, who alleged the talk-show host stole five jokes from his Twitter feed and […]

It’s An End For Conan, Not ‘The’ End

After 25 years on late-night TV, Conan O’Brien hosted his final hour-long show on Thursday night. Don’t worry — O’Brien isn’t really going anywhere. In January, Conan will return to TBS with a new 30-minute format. The network unveiled this plan in May, though on Thursday, O’Brien revealed the show will take a three-month hiatus.

Conan O’Brien Doubles Down On Pure Silliness

Conan O’Brien To Tape Episode In Haiti

Latenight’s Most Riveting (& Overlooked) Host

Conan has the trappings of a traditional latenight show, but Conan O’Brien may be taking more artistic risks than anyone else in that time slot.

Conan: The Most Riveting Host In Latenight

Latenight Hosts Denounce Gun Violence

Latenight hosts dedicated a portion of their Monday night shows to speak out about gun violence in the wake of the tragic events that unfolded in Las Vegas on Sunday night. Jimmy Kimmel choked up in an emotional response to the deadly attack, while Seth Meyers had a pointed message for Congress.

Conan O’Brien Signs Four-Year TBS Deal

Turner’s TBS has closed a new four-year deal with Conan O’Brien that keeps his latenight show on the basic cable network through 2022, continuing O’Brien’s reign as latenight television’s longest-serving host. But, the new deal also extends his Team Coco brand into digital content, podcasting, gaming, pay TV and live events.

‘Conan’ Joke-Stealing Lawsuit Moves Forward

At 54, Conan Is Still Latenight’s Bad Boy

Conan O’Brien is one of comedy’s elder statesmen, with  the longest tenure of anyone currently working the late shift. He just doesn’t act like it.

Conan’s YouTube Channel Has Over 3.5M Subs

Conan O’Brien Headed To Armenia – For A Night

NEW YORK (AP) — Late-night comic Conan O’Brien is hitting the road again — this time to Armenia. He’ll be the first American talk show host to do a show from Armenia, not that that was a particularly competitive achievement. TBS said Monday that the episode will air on Nov. 10. O’Brien said he’ll be […]

Lawsuit Claims Conan Lifted Jokes From Twitter

Conan O’Brien Taping Segments In Cuba

NEW YORK (AP) — Conan O’Brien is spending his Presidents Day weekend in Cuba taping segments for an episode of his TBS talk show to air next month. The network says Sunday that O’Brien is taking advantage of President Barack Obama’s efforts to improve relations with the island country. O’Brien’s show on Cuba will air […]

TBS Sets Conan O’Brien Primetime Clip Special

Latenight US Talk Show ‘Conan’ Debuts In China

BEIJING (AP) — The American late-night talk show “Conan” has racked up more than 3 million hits since its debut on an online video site in China. The comedy show hosted by Conan O’Brien and featuring celebrity interviews is available on the website of Sohu Video, a unit of Chinese online media group and Nasdaq-listed […]

Conan O’Brien Re-Ups With TBS Through 2018

Conan O’Brien To Host MTV Movie Awards

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Conan O’Brien will be serving up buckets of golden popcorn. O’Brien announced Tuesday on his TBS talk show “Conan” that he’s hosting this year’s MTV Movie Awards. The annual movie celebration that honors winners with popcorn-shaped trophies is scheduled for April 13 at the Nokia Theatre in downtown Los Angeles. “After […]

Conan Sets Week Of Shows In Dallas During NCAA Tourney

It’s News: A Christmas Present, Or Two, Or 10

Conan O’Brien discovers that local news people agree: it’s OK to be a little selfish this Christmas. Just admit it.

Conan O’Brien Skewers Nets At WHCA Dinner

Latenight Hosts Revel In Leno-Fallon Change

David Letterman poked fun at Leno and NBC. Leno poked fun at Letterman and NBC. Jimmy Kimmel mocked himself. Fallon played it cool. And Conan O’Brien took the high road after NBC said Wednesday that Fallon will inherit Tonight from Leno in 2014 — as O’Brien did in 2009, before Leno took it back.

TBS Renews ‘Conan’ Through November 2015

Sen. Franken Raffles Off Brunch With Conan

Conan To Host WH Correspondents Dinner

Team Coco is heading back to Washington D.C. Conan O’Brien will be the headliner of this year’s White House Correspondents Association Dinner, it was announced today. This isn’t the TBS host’s first time top lining the DC event. Back in 1995, when O’Brien was the host of NBC’s Late Night, he roasted then-President Bill Clinton and others from the stage.

Fox Making Medical Comedy Produced By Conan

Conan Calls Out Anchors For Same Scripts

Local television news has a thirst-inducing take on the presidential election.

TV Stations Must Really Love Ice Cream

The latest compilation of of anchors in action (and lockstep), courtesy of Conan O’Brien.

Conan Visits Dave And The Topic Is Jay

So what would David Letterman and Conan O’Brien talk about when the two late-night hosts got together for a chat Thursday night? The Indy 500? The two men traded barbs about Jay Leno last night, about how he would surely be watching the interview, and what kind of relationship O’Brien had with him, before and after the Tonight Show turnaround.

Doggone It: Today’s Top Local TV News Story

Conan O’Brien To Appear On Letterman Show

Conan’s Company Re-Ups Deal With WB TV

Networks Hope TV Tablet Apps Are Hits

TBS is launching a Team Coco “synch” app for iPad and Android tablets, allowing viewers to interact live with exclusive content and features developed specifically for a co-viewing experience. If not from the start, it’s a sure bet advertising will become a big part of the app soon.