Conan O’Brien Sells ‘Fat Chance’ Comedy To TBS

TBS Shifts Conan Focus To Online

Conan O’Brien Sells Comedy Pilot To TBS

Ferrell Shaves O’Brien’s Beard In ‘Beardpocalypse’

NEW YORK (AP) — Will Ferrell finally triumphed over his arch enemy: Conan O’Brien’s beard. Ferrell culminated a weeks-long lead-up to Monday’s episode of “Conan” by shaving the late-night host’s beard. A giddy and determined Ferrell guest-starred on the program, promoted as the “Beardpocalypse.” While guzzling Barbicide, Ferrell trimmed O’Brien with clippers, which he named […]

Chiklis To Star In Conan O’Brien’s CBS Pilot

Conan Tops Leno In DVR Viewing

Conan OK With Letterman, Not So Much With Leno

BURBANK, Calif. (AP) — Conan O’Brien says he got a phone call from David Letterman over the holidays. The CBS host wanted to make sure a year of late-night TV turmoil hadn’t created a rift between them. O’Brien told reporters Wednesday that he and Letterman have “always been good. I said he didn’t owe me […]

Conan Issues Apology Over Rudolph Snafu


Funny Guys, Serious Business

Through exhaustive research and interviews with the major players, Bill Carter’s book The War for Late Night tells the story of the Conan O’Brien-Jay Leno battle. Through exhaustive research and interviews with the major players in this battle Carter demonstrates that, while the usual oversize Hollywood egos were forming secret alliances and stockpiling armaments, it was NBC that fired the shots that sank the Lusitania.

Jon Stewart Narrows Gap With Conan

Book: Conan Joke Derailed Hope Of Leno Deal

Card for a Card: AmEx Hires Conan As Pitchman

Conan O’Brien Returns To Latenight TV With Ease

NEW YORK (AP) — Conan O’Brien relaunched his TV career on Monday night with a stylishly back-to-basics hour that radiated hard-won lessons from his brief stay hosting “The Tonight Show.” With his new TBS show titled simply “Conan,” O’Brien seemed appealingly stoked yet comfortable in his new home at 11 p.m. ET and on basic […]

Conan’s Real Foe Isn’t Jay or Dave, It’s Jon Stewart

First Advertisers On ‘Conan’ Revealed

Conan O’Brien’s new cable show, Conan, doesn’t debut until Nov. 8 but TBS is  reporting that some of America’s biggest companies are already onboard as major supporters, including Coca-Cola, Microsoft, AT&T, GM and News Corp.