AOL Greenlights First Long-Form Series

AOL is moving forward on its first long-form original series, a step that places them in the realm of other digital companies-turned-multimedia producers like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon. The media company will produce Connected, a drama that will be adapted from an international format for U.S. audiences, for its AOL On Network, the company’s premium video platform, and its partner sites. It’s expected to premiere in January.

CES 2011

Connected TVs Offer Promise, Challenges

If CES 2011 is any indication of the future of the TV viewing experience, it appears that the days of TV sets that deliver only crystal-clear images will go the way of a wired telephone handset that delivers only crystal-clear sound.


Unbundled Distribution Of Local TV Is Here

Terry Heaton: “Local broadcasting is in the midst of a perfect storm with only two opportunities for tomorrow: a successful MDTV strategy with the digital broadcasting chip in smartphones, and figuring out how to monetize local unbundled, on-demand content. Let’s be real; the day is coming when program makers will distribute their stuff directly to consumers and share money with no network, and we’ve got to be ready.”