Vizio Co-Founder William Wang Talks To KTLA’s Frank Buckley


Limiting Spectrum Bids May Lower Auction $$

A study by the Expanding Opportunities for Broadcasters Coalition and the Consumer Electronics Association, says that putting bidding restrictions on AT&T and Verizon could cost the FCC almost $6 billion in revenue from the upcoming spectrum incentive auction.

CES 2013

4K, Second Screens Center Stage At CES

As the annual Consumer Electronics Show gets underway in Las Vegas, the focus is on big screens with ultra-high resolution as well as the growing adoption of tablets as viewing options.

Advocacy Groups Throw Support To Aereo

Late last week, a coalition of public interest groups sided against the broadcast networks in a friend-of-the-court brief in the networks’ suit against the Barry Diller-led streaming service. “By making broadcast programming more accessible, and by creating more choices for private viewing technologies, Aereo improves and does not disrupt the free television industry. Aereo serves the public interest, and its service should not be enjoined,” the groups said.

Next Big Thing Will Be Called Ultra HD, Not 4K

The early-stage format offering resolution four times greater then HD will carry an industry-wide moniker of Ultra High-Definition or Ultra HD. The less flashy 4K will be shunted aside as a consumer term, according to the Consumer Electronics Association.

Jeffrey Joseph Returns to CEA As SVP

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) announced today that communications veteran Jeffrey Joseph has been named senior vice president of communications and strategic relationships, effective Aug. 23. Joseph returns to CEA from the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) where he was its VP of communications since 2006. He had been CEA’s VP of communications from August 1998 […]


TV Game Changers: OLED, 4K, Ubiquity

Steve Koenig, director of industry analysis at the Consumer Electronics Association, talks about the future of TV viewing in light of the CEA’s recent viewing habits study. “Consumers continue to crave video of all forms, including broadcast TV. The way they consume video may have shifted in recent years, but they’re still watching. Local news is one of the things American stations do best. That’s an opportunity to push that local content over the Web, using various apps and platforms. If consumers can find that content online, they can watch on their schedule and on the device of their choosing.”


Consumers Favor Watching Video Fare On TV

Despite the increasing number of options available to consumers, they’re still watching the majority of their video programming on television sets — a behavior that has some effect on consumers’ purchase considerations.


Broadcast Television: Still No. 1 At CES

The 2012 Consumer Electronics Show was overflowing with TV technology. For the creative, forward-thinking marketer there was an abundance of innovative ways to reach television-loving consumers, and TV broadcasters were squarely in that game with mobile DTV. With mobile DTV, marketers will have the opportunity to establish the deepest connection with consumers through the reach of television, their relationship with local news and entertainment, the interactivity of the Web and the intimacy of personal devices.

CES 2012

YouTube Betting Big On Web Video

In the next decade, 75% of all channels will be born on the Internet. That’s the bold prediction of the day from Robert Kyncl, the head of global partnerships for YouTube. In a speech at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Kyncl said the Web is poised to become the premium channel for entertainment distribution within the next decade.

CES 2012

FCC Chair Warns Of Mobile ‘Spectrum Crunch’

In a keynote address yesterday at the Consumer Electronics Show, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski sounded a warning for mobile broadband users. “We’re threatened by a looming spectrum crunch,” Genachowski said. “This is the dark cloud around the silver lining.”

CES 2012

CES Report: Top Trends On Exhibit

The Consumer Electronics Show always offers an enticing mix of new products that will play pivotal roles in consumer-electronics showrooms, new products that will never see the light of day beyond the exhibition, and new concepts that hint at the future of content consumption. Here are a few highlights from the show floor.

CES 2012

Hulu Plus Expects To Hit 1.2M Subscriptions

At the Consumer Electronics Show on Wednesday, Jonathan Miller, chairman and CEO of News Digital Media and chief digital officer of News Corp., said subscriptions of Hulu Plus are on a faster track than expected.

CES 2012

Mobile DTV Demonstrates Progress At CES

Broadcaster-owned MCV and Mobile500 showed devices and apps that they say consumers may use to receive their broadcast-based mobile services later this year. But neither had a launch date or particulars about programming. Meanwhile, Syncbak demonstrated its authentication technology designed to give copyright holders comfort that the programming TV stations put on broadband networks will stay in their local markets.

CES 2012

Sony Outlines Plan To Revitalize TV Group

Sony used the backdrop of the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to talk about the company’s plans to revitalize its struggling television division. Executive Deputy President Kazuo Hirai said new technologies, such as the Crystal LED prototype the company showcased Monday in its news conference, will factor in plans to return the TV group to profitability by March 2014.

CES 2012

CES Attracts Record Number Of Exhibitors

The Consumer Electronics Association says the annual show has more than 3,100 exhibitors, up from a pre-show estimate of 2,800-plus. The show usually has just over 2,700 exhibitors, but dipped to 2,500 in 2010. It opened Tuesday and is expected to draw more than 140,000 attendees.

CES 2012

Samsung Intros ‘Super OLED’, Improves Smart Hub

CES 2012

NBC, Panasonic Team for Olympics 3D

This summer, NBC will air 200 hours of the London games produced by the host Olympic Broadcast Services using Panasonic 3D gear. The 3D coverage of gymastics, diving, swimming and other events will be recorded and broadcast a day later.

CES 2012

TVs You Can Talk To Without Sounding Crazy

LG Electronics will sell a remote with its high-end flat-panel TVs that contains a microphone. You’ll be able to speak into the microphone to enter text on the TV for Twitter updates and Web searches. But you still won’t be able to change the channel or control the volume by yelling at the TV.

CES 2012

LG Intros Large OLED, Is Bullish On Passive 3D

CES 2012

Though Not At CES, Apple Presence Is Strong

Apple casts a huge shadow over the world’s largest consumer electronics show as rumors continue to spread that it has its own TV in the works.

CES 2012

Microsoft, Fox Set TV, News, Web Video Apps

Fox Broadcasting Co., Fox News Channel, IGN Entertainment and the Wall Street Journal will launch apps for Xbox this year.

CES 2012

Will Broadcasters Balk At Dish’s Auto DVR?

Dish Network is looking to make a splash at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas — but one announcement, which leaked out prematurely, could raise the ire of ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC. Dish’s new multi-room DVR, Hopper, will automatically record primetime broadcasts from local stations for ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC and retain those shows for a week — in effect turning Hopper into into a catch-up VOD service.

CES 2012

CES 2012 Buzz: What To Expect In Vegas

A few things we know — the buzz around 3D continues to peter out after peaking at CES 2010, tablets and e-readers continue to find their way into more consumers hands, and “thin is in” as the hottest TV’s, laptops, tablets and phones will be thinner than ever in 2012.

CES 2012

CES 2012: The Perils Of Ubiquity

The Consumer Electronics Association has made an aggressive effort to broaden its appeal and roster of members in recent years, expanding the categories of companies it represents to include automakers, major retailers and medical device manufacturers, among others.

Will Digital Media Own Next-Gen TV At CES?

In three weeks, thousands of consumer marketing executives will descend on Las Vegas for the annual Consumer Electronics Show.

Spike TV To Air 12 Hours From CES

Spike TV Named TV Partner Of 2012 CES

Spike TV and the Consumer Electronics Association today announced an exclusive partnership that includes plans to telecast live coverage from the 2012 International CES, the world’s largest consumer technology tradeshow. Spike will also introduce CES All Access Live, which will offer tech fans more than 12 hours of 2012 CES coverage across multiple platforms — […]


Reading Between The Lines Of CEA Study

In a report released earlier this week, the Consumer Electronics Association states that 10% of U.S. households are either “very likely” or “likely” to cancel pay TV services this year, while an additional 14% are either “somewhat likely” or “somewhat unlikely” to cut the cord. 76% of those surveyed were in the “unlikely” or “very unlikely” group. While those numbers should give some pay TV operators a little cause for concern — maybe as an incentive to offer simpler, basic channel packages at lower costs — the CEA report then veered off in another direction.

CEA: Consumers Tuning Out Over-the-Air TV

A new study by the Consumer Electronics Association makes the case for incentive auctions for broadcast spectrum, finds just 8% of U.S. TV households rely on OTA.

NAB 2001

CEA Throws An Elbow At Broadcasters

Just as the NAB opened its annual convention in Las Vegas on Monday, the Consumer Electronics Association released a survey purportedly demonstrating that Americans want spectrum devoted to wireless Internet and not television. The timing of the release of the CEA-commissioned survey was no accident; it was meant to rile broadcasters as they fight to hold on to spectrum.

Apple’s Absence To Be Felt At CES

Apple Inc. It won’t be at the International Consumer Electronics Show, which kicks off this week in Las Vegas, but its tablet computer, the iPad, is the most important new product for an industry that needs to once again excite consumers. But nearly every other company in the industry will be there for CES, which runs Thursday to Sunday

Spectrum Acquisition A Top Priority For CEA

Pushing for U.S. regulatory and congressional action to free up airwaves to handle the burgeoning use of wireless devices will be the top policy initiative of the consumer electronics industry in 2011, the head of the Consumer Electronics Association said on Tuesday.