Toshiba Joins The Alexa-Enabled TV Brigade

Millennials Discover How To Get Free TV

The Wall Street Journal reports that cord-cutters accustomed to watching shows online are often shocked that $20 “rabbit ears” pluck signals from the air. Is this legal? “I was just kind of surprised that this is technology that exists,” says Dan Sisco, 28 years old. “It’s been awesome. It doesn’t log out and it doesn’t skip.” WSJ subscribers can read the full story here.

TV Sets Starting To Disappear From US Homes

After years of insisting it wasn’t so, the TV Industrial Complex now admits that it’s contracting: The number of people paying for TV has been declining for several years. But that’s not the only part of the TV world that’s shrinking: Actual TV sets are disappearing from homes, too. After years of steady increases, the number of TVs in homes shrank to an average of 2.3 in 2015, down from an average of 2.6 televisions per household in 2009, according to the latest available data from the Energy Information Administration.

VR Market Could See Significant Growth

A key factor limiting the amount of quality virtual reality content available today is the cost of producing it relative to the number of people who have the technology to can view it. Imagine how that value proposition would change if the number of people who own a headset doubled in the next 12 months. If respondents to a survey by research firm Magid are to be believed, it’s a possibility.

E3 Game Show Opens To Wider Audience

E3, the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo, opened Tuesday in Los Angeles. The show has typically only been open to those in the video game industry and media that cover it. But this year organizers allowed 15,000 members of the general public onto the show floor.

70M VR Headsets Projected In U.S. By 2021

Sharp Sues Hisense Over Poor-Quality TVs


Consumers May Replace TVs Like Cell Phones Soon

TiVo CEO Tom Carson Set To Retire

TiVo said Carson will remain in his position until a successor can be appointed. He’ll remain an adviser to the new CEO and the board upon his leaving.

Starz Expands OTT To Samsung Smart TVs

Starz said its app now works on select Samsung smart TVs, a move by the media company to further expand the reach of its direct-to-consumer programming. The news comes just a few months after Starz launched its app on Amazon Fire TV.

Survey: Consumers Impressed by 3.0 Features

Nationwide SmithGeiger research finds next-generation ATSC 3.0 features increase consumer spending on, and accelerate purchase of, smart TVs.

Vestel In Talks To Buy Toshiba’s TV Unit

LeEco Abandons $2B Deal For Vizio

China’s LeEco has scrapped a planned $2 billion acquisition of U.S. consumer electronics company Vizio due to regulatory issues, a fresh setback to the cash-strapped Chinese conglomerate’s expansion drive.

Buying A New TV? Cut Through The Jargon

Shambling 3D TV Finally Falls Down Dead


A Broadcaster’s Guide To CES 2017

The yin and yang of consumer electronics and the broadcast TV industry means CES 2017 is the place to be in January for broadcasters who want a perspective on what will be on the minds and in the hands of their viewers in 2017. One look at this year’s CES schedule reveals just how big OTT and mobile are in content distribution and just how important the next-gen TV standard is to keeping TV broadcasters in the game.

More Ariz. Viewers Opting For Antennas

Samsung And LG To Phase Out 3D


GoPro’s Earnings Go From Bad To Worse

GoPro Cutting About 100 Jobs After Weak 4Q Sales

NEW YORK (AP) — Wearable camera maker GoPro says it will eliminate about 100 jobs after its fourth-quarter sales fell far short of its expectations. GoPro says fourth-quarter revenue was $435 million instead of the $500 million to $550 million it forecast in October. The company lowered the price of its new Hero4 Session camera […]

Panasonic Unveils Transparent TV

CES 2016

CES Gadgets: The Latest Round

Distance-measuring smartphones, exercise-charging battery packs and a toothbrush that’s also a video game controller are among Thursday’s highlights at CES 2106. A wide-ranging rundown from The Associated Press.

CES 2016

Sony To Launch 4K Streaming Service In U.S.

Sony plans to launch a 4K streaming service in the U.S. aimed at providing purchasers of its 4K Bravia TVs with some content to play on them. The transactional service will provide users of Sony’s new HDR TVs streams in the high-resolution Ultra HD format, complemented by High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology.

CES 2016

Fox Embraces VR, Invests In Smart Glass Co.

Taking a step further into the virtual reality industry, 21st Century Fox has acquired a minority stake in virtual reality smart glass manufacturer the Osterhout Design Group. As a result of the deal, 21st Century will become the chief outside investor of ODG and will provide entertainment content through a “strategic partnership.” Financial details were not disclosed.

CES 2016

Why Aren’t Smart TVs Very Clever?

Even moderately priced sets can now connect to the Internet and run Netflix and other apps — that’s the “smart” part. Yet many people are ignoring the built-in features and turning to Apple TV, Roku and other stand-alone streaming devices that often do a better job. The NPD Group estimates that roughly a third of smart TVs in the U.S.aren’t actually connected to the Internet. And researchers at Parks Associates found that even as more Americans are using smart TV functions, streaming device usage has grown even faster.

CES 2016

Despite CES Hype, It’s Better To Wait On 4K TV

CES 2016

New HDR TV Tech Promises Sharper Colors

HDR, or high dynamic range, promises brighter whites, darker blacks, and a richer range of colors — at least when you’re watching the few select movie titles that get released in the format. Trouble is, there aren’t all that many of those yet, and other HDR viewing options are likely to remain scarce for the immediate future. Even worse, there are likely to be several different flavors of HDR, just to keep TV buyers on their toes.

CES 2016

LG Unveils Bendable TV Display

Oculus Ready To Sell Rift Virtual Reality Headsets

4K TVs Could Add Billions To Energy Bills

Will 2016 Be Virtual Reality’s Big Year?

Could be, now that some major consumer headsets are in the market. Laura Sydell looks at the prospects for the platform to go mainstream, a move which may mightily depend on the quality of the hardware an the effects of early experiments such as those happening at The New York Times.

Samsung Adds Smart TVs To Internet Of Things Platform

VR Finally Here, Yet Still Has A Ways To Go

If you’re a gamer, the appeal of immersing yourself in a virtual world might be obvious. The rest of us, though, still need convincing. The new systems represent “science fiction coming to reality,” said Gary Shapiro, head of the group that runs the annual CES gadget show in Las Vegas, which will showcase VR and related technologies in early January. What’s changed? Screen and graphics technologies have finally gotten good enough to provide a realistic and responsive VR experience.

Toshiba To Cut 7,800 CE Jobs Amid Record Loss

TOKYO (AP) — Toshiba plans to cut 7,800 jobs, mostly in its consumer-electronics business, as it reorganizes in the face of projected record losses for the current fiscal year. The Japanese conglomerate has been struggling with the aftermath of a major accounting scandal, compounded by troubles in nuclear energy and losses in the business that […]

Buying A TV Takes More Than A Tape Measure

Buying a TV is no longer just choosing how big a screen you want. Here are some big decisions you’ll face.


Samsung’s Gear VR Shows Promise Of VR

Samsung makes history of a sort Friday by launching the first major consumer-oriented virtual-reality headset. (It comes with an asterisk; prototypes and other not-quite-mass-market versions have been available for a while.) And its Gear VR headset is pretty impressive as first-generation devices go.

Why 4K TVs Aren’t Stupid (Anymore)

LG Seeks US Primetime For Next-Gen TV Sets

The world’s No.2 TV maker, South Korea’s LG Electronics, is betting that chopping prices almost in half before the U.S. year-end holiday season will create enough buzz to push its next-generation TV technology mainstream. The manufacturer and affiliate LG Display have invested billions of dollars in OLED displays to rebuild profit decimated by Chinese competition in the LCD TV market.

Will High-Tech TVs Juice Consumer Electronics?


How To Get Streaming Video To A Big Screen

There are plenty of ways to get streaming video onto your big living-room screen. Internet-connected “smart” TVs and gaming consoles such as the Xbox or PlayStation can do the trick. But stand-alone devices tend to offer more features and more video services to choose from. Here’s a rundown of six of them.