Connected Homes Show Continued Growth

Connected TV homes continue to make gains in the TV marketplace. Now 45% of TV sets sold in the U.S. are connected TVs — up from 34% a year ago and 24% two years ago, according to The NPD Group. And those who made those purchases are increasingly activating their connected TV sets: 69% of those Internet-capable TVs are connected, up from 45% two years ago.

Next-Gen Apple TV To Launch In Sept.

Apple is set to unveil its new Apple TV at its September event. The new device features an A8 chip, a new, dramatically-improved touch pad remote, increased on-board storage and a new operating system that supports Siri voice commands. A new App Store will debut at the same time.

Hisense To Buy Sharp America In $23.7M Deal

Television Maker Vizio Files For IPO

Can 4K TVs Improve Regular HD Programs?

New 4K ultra high-definition TVs promise incredible detail with higher resolution. But with most content in non-4K, 1080p resolutions, is this even possible?

Marked Rise In Connected-TV Internet Homes

More than half of all U.S. TV homes have at least one TV set connected to the Internet. Leichtman Research Group says 56% of all U.S. homes have at least one television set connected to the Internet from a smart TV, video game set-top box, blu-ray player and/or an Internet-connected TV-video device, such as Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast or Amazon Fire TV. This is up from 44% in 2013, and 24% in 2010.

LG Shows Off ‘Wallpaper’ TV Under 1mm Thick

Apple TV Remote Expected To Add Touch Pad

Sony Adds T-Commerce App To Smart TVs

Samsung To Integrate Giraffic Into Smart TVs

4K Sets Predicted In Half Of U.S. Homes By 2020

Panasonic Details Plans For Firefox OS TVs

Too Many Remotes? Try This Touch Screen

The Ray Super Remote wants to declutter your coffee table and become the central nervous system of all of your home entertainment systems. The touch-screen device, released Tuesday, is designed to control TVs, cable boxes, DVRs, video game consoles and Internet streaming players such as Roku and Apple TV. What’s more, it runs on software that learns viewers’ preferences so it can list programs suited to personal interests.

Samsung Launches Tizen-Powered TVs In S. Korea

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — South Korean electronics giant Samsung Electronics Co. has started domestic sales of high-end televisions powered by its Tizen operating system and plans to add washing machines, fridges and other appliances to the range of products that use the software. Samsung said sales of Tizen-powered ultra-HD TVs began Thursday in South […]

7 Tech Toys That Will Change How You Watch TV

CES 2015

TV Makers Design For Streaming Video

Traditional TV is far from dead, but these days viewers care less about watching shows live and even prefer saving certain series to watch all at once in an evening or weekend of binge-watching. Online video will account for a third of all video viewing in 2020, up from about 10% in 2013, predicts The Diffusion Group, a research firm that specializes in Internet video. So how to keep the television set, that focal point of the American living room for decades, relevant? Design for online video.

CES 2015

Netflix To Endorse Streaming-Optimized Sets

Forget the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. Netflix said today at the International CES consumer electronics confab, that it will start to endorse TV sets “to help consumers identify televisions built for a superior Internet TV experience.”

CES 2015

CES: CEA Analysts Dive into Top Trends

CES 2015 kicked off on Sunday afternoon with an overview of the state of the consumer electronics industry given by Shawn Dubravac, CEA chief economist, and Steve Koenig, CEA, director, industry analysis. Koenig focused on the economic side of things, announcing that the global tech marketplace rose about one percent in 2014 to just above $1 trillion. As for 2015, expect mature markets to be down 9% and developing markets to be up 11% and simply lead spending as a result of population growth.

Cord-Cutting Is Changing The Kinds Of TVs We Buy

Sony’s TV Biz Mends, But Will It Be Enough?

After 10 years and more than $7 billion in losses, Sony Corp. ’s television unit is poised to again post an annual profit. But the question remains: Is the once-proud business really worth keeping? Masashi Imamura, who oversees the TV division, says there is still value in it for Japan’s most famous consumer-electronics company, even at a time when traditional television viewing is losing out to other kinds of digital content, and low-cost upstarts like Vizio Inc. of the U.S. and Hisense Co. of China have undercut established TV manufacturers.

LG Forms New Dedicated OLED Division

Gift Guide: Gadgets For Avid TV Viewers

TiVo and SlingTV can add to the TV watching experience. Here’s a look at what each does — and why you might want both.

4K TV Shipments Soar To 6.4M In 2014

Shipments of 4K televisions jumped more than 500% last quarter as overall global TV shipments rebounded, according to a new report from DisplaySearch. More than 3 million 4K televisions, also called Ultra HD televisions, shipped to retail outlets during the third quarter, bringing total shipments for 2014 up to 6.4 million

Samsung Says No OLED TVs Next Year

4K TVs A Growing Threat To Movie Theaters

New TiVo DVR Has 26,000 Hours Of Storage

TiVo is expected to unveil on Tuesday a new DVR that can record 26,000 hours  — or three years’ worth — of standard-definition TV programming. It can record about 4,000 hours in HD. The DVR is called TiVo Mega and will cost interested TV fans $5,000


Ed’s Audacious Audio Adventure

Best Buy Bets 4K Will Make TV Cool Again

The world’s largest electronics chain has teamed up with Samsung and Sony to open in-store showrooms staffed with Blue Shirts trained to tout the merits of ultra-high-definition, or 4K, technology, which generates a picture four times sharper than existing HDTVs. The question for Best Buy CEO Hubert Joly is whether the pricey innovation will jump-start a wave of home-theater upgrades the way flat-panel TVs did last decade — or wind up a flop like 3D sets.

Samsung’s Bendable TV Arrives In Aug. – In Korea

Sling Unveils Two Out-Of-Home TV Devices

The new SlingTV is identical to the Slingbox 500 currently on the market, but with new software to recommend things to watch. On the living-room TV, you can see scores and stats for games currently on TV, along with a guide to what’s exciting at the moment, such as a team making a comeback. The new software will also give you more information on movies and TV shows. Because the box still can’t record shows, the Slingbox’s biggest appeal will likely remain in remote viewing — both when traveling and on devices in other rooms.


This Phaser Replica Can Change Channels

This universal remote is shaped like a Star Trek phaser, complete with authentic sounds from the show.

Behemoth TV Sets Start To Take Off

Americans increasingly are replacing their once-enviable 50-inch TVs with even bigger screens. Think: 65 inches and up. People are snagging big screens — pushing sales of them up 50% in the past year while overall TV sales have faltered. As prices fall, hardcore TV watchers and video gamers are finding sets affordable that a few years ago would have been playthings for wealthier people.


35 Years Ago Today: The Portable Revolution Began

World’s Biggest TV Can Be Yours For $1.7 Million

Review: Tablo, A DVR For Over-The-Air TV

Apple Near $3.2B Deal For Beats Electronics

Sony, Samsung Step Up 4K War At Best Buy

Samsung and Sony are escalating their fight for the attention — and dollars — of TV buyers. Both electronics giants will open up special areas in Best Buy stores to showcase 4K TVs and other home entertainment products. Sony arguably has home-field advantage, given its long legacy as a premium TV manufacturer. Samsung, however, is the No. 1 TV vendor in the world, and this new partnership can only help cement that position.

Roku’s $50 Streaming Stick Takes On Chromecast

Sony To Close Two-Thirds Of U.S. Stores

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Sony Corp. says it is closing about two-thirds of its U.S. Sony Stores is part of a wide-ranging company restructuring it announced earlier this month. It also said that 1,000 of the previously announced 5,000 job cuts would come from its Sony Electronics unit, mainly in the U.S. and Mexico. The […]

Dish Intros 2 Portable Satellite HDTV Antennas