CNN: Content, Distribution Not Separate

CNN believes that in a platform era, there’s more it can do to get its journalism out there. “We already offer immense value,” says Mitra Kalita, the news network’s VP of digital programming. “What we want to do — very broadly — is to figure out if there’s a new event that happens and people turn to CNN, how do we keep them there. It also means finding new readers in all the places they are. I don’t see content as separate from distribution.

No Movement Yet On FCC Content Probe

More than six weeks after the FCC announced a broad probe of political speech that raised serious First Amendment concerns, the city where the program was scheduled to begin — Columbia, S.C. — has yet to hear from the commission.

Apps Under Gun In Hotly Competitive Market

With consumers spoiled by choice, app providers are forced to innovate in order to keep pace. This year, the cutting edge lies in highly relevant content, social media integration, streaming media and smart aggregation. In part two of NetNewsCheck’s Special Report on Apps, we turn to content. Yesterday’s story examined the challenge of monetization.