GAO: Is It Time To End Compulsory License?

Maybe so, says the General Accountability Office in a congressionally mandated study. A market-based approach to licensing broadcast programming to cable and satellite operators might be a better way, it says. If it works in the OTT world, why not cable and satellite, it asks. One sticking point is what to do with must-carry rules, which rely on the  compulsory license.

Congress May Revamp Copyright Laws

A day after a U.S. Supreme Court decision allowed books and movies bought legally abroad to be resold in the U.S., members of House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday raised the possibility that the decision’s biggest impact could be to spur Congress to revamp the nation’s copyright laws. Already examining those laws because of concerns that digital technology has left them  badly outdated, members of the House Intellectual Property and Internet Subcommittee suggested the high court decision provides one more reason to act.