Starz Slaps Disney With Copyright Suits

Starz wants Disney to change the name of its upcoming Latin America streaming service, Star+. The Lionsgate-owned network filed copyright infringement lawsuits against Disney in Mexico, Brazil and Argentina. Starz is arguing that the name of Disney’s forthcoming streaming service is too similar with Starz, particularly its own streaming service StarzPlay, which operates in 58 countries worldwide and has been available in Latin America since 2019.

Google, Oracle In Copyright Clash At High Court

The case before the justices Wednesday has to do with Google’s creation of the Android operating system now used on the vast majority of smartphones worldwide. Google says that to create Android, which was released in 2007, it wrote millions of lines of new computer code. But it also used 11,330 lines of code and an organization that’s part of Oracle’s Java platform.

Court Reconsiders Mashable’s Embedding Suit Win

Broadcasters Move To Kill Locast Counterclaims

The Big Four networks have opened another front in their battle with Locast, the startup behind a free service that streams local TV signals in several large U.S. markets. In their latest move, ABC, NBCUniversal, CBS and Fox have urged a New York court to dismiss recent counterclaims filed by Locast and to instead focus on what the broadcasters claim to be Locast’s “wholesale violation of the Copyright Act.”

Appeals Court Upholds VidAngel Injunction

VidAngel, the self-touted family-friendly technology service that burst onto the Hollywood scene with a plan to clean up filthy language, nudity and violence from films and television shows, has suffered yet another blow. On Thursday, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed an injunction in a copyright lawsuit brought by Disney, Fox and Warner Bros.

MPAA Wins Copyright Case Vs. Chinese Streamer


More Suits For Unauthorized Photo Use

In recent weeks, we have continued to see copyright lawsuits against broadcasters filed by photographers who allege that their photos have been used without permission. What makes these issues worth writing about again is that several of the recent suits involve not just the unauthorized use of a photograph on a station’s website, but the use of photos in social media posts including tweets on Twitter and posts on Facebook. Is this really an issue?


‘New Girl’ Copyright Case Vetoed By Judge

‘New Girl’ Copyright Suit Heats Up Anew


Hearst’s WCVB Boston Sues Aereo

Aereo Inc., the online television service facing lawsuits by broadcast TV networks in New York for copyright infringement, was sued in Boston by the Hearst-owned ABC affiliate over similar claims.

AP Wins Court Case Against News Aggregator

Carol Burnett Sued Over Copyright, TV Show Rev

Lawsuit Claims TruTV Stole ‘Caught Red Handed’, UFC Settle Copyright Lawsuit