Copyright Royalty Board Announces Audits

The Copyright Royalty Board today published a Federal Register notice announcing that SoundExchange was auditing a number of broadcasters and other webcasters to assess their compliance with the statutory music licenses provided by Sections 112 and 114 of the Copyright Act for the public performance of sound recordings and ephemeral copies made in the digital transmission process by commercial webcasters.

SoundExchange Royalties Going Up For Webcasters


Stations Filing Royalty Claims Need To Hustle

TV broadcasters know that every July 31, they need to file with the Copyright Royalty Board  to claim a share of the royalty fund for out-of-market carriage of their programming by cable and satellite TV systems. However, since July 31 is a Sunday this year, the filings may be made until 5 p.m. ET on Aug. 1.

Copyright Rates Raised For Webcasters

Artists and record labels scored a modest victory in their hard fought two-year battle with Pandora over the royalty rate the Internet radio giant pays to play their music for the next five years. The Copyright Royalty Board set the statutory royalty rate for subscription services at just below the current level, but substantially more than Pandora suggested.

New Chief Judge Of Copyright Royalty Board Named