Gigi Sohn’s FCC Nomination To Get Commerce Committee Vote

With the asterisked caveat that the items are “subject to change,” a vote on the nomination of Gigi Sohn to the open Democratic seat on the FCC has been set. The Senate Commerce Committee has scheduled an executive session for Wednesday, Feb. 2, and Sohn is among 14 nominations slotted to get a vote. Among the other nominees are Alvaro Bedoya for the open Democratic seat on the Federal Trade Commission and four members of the board of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting: Kathy Im, Thomas Rothman, Elizabeth Sembler and Laura Ross.

Stacey Decker Named CPB SVP Innovation And System Strategies

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting today named Stacey Decker senior vice president of innovation and system strategies, effective Sept. 13. In this new position, he will be responsible for the development and implementation of a multi-faceted strategy to advance innovation and sustainability of public media through accelerating public media’s digital transformation. “Stacey is a strategic […]

Brendan Daly Named CPB Communications VP

The former chief communications officer for the Recording Industry Association of America and Nancy Pelosi, moves to public broadcasting.

CPB Sets Plan For Rescue Plan Act Funds

The distribution plan reflects the consensus recommendation of an advisory group of public radio and television system representatives convened by CPB in March. The group developed a simple, equitable and impactful funding formula that divides the $175 million among television and radio grantees and ensures the preservation of small or rural stations.

Kathryn Washington Promoted At CPB

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting has named Kathryn Washington senior vice president, television content, effective Dec. 19. She had been VP, television content, overseeing national broadcast and digital content.

CPB To Split $75M In Relief With Public TV, Radio

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting will evenly split a $75 million pool of federal disaster relief funds between public television and public radio. The 158 public TV stations in its Community Service Grant program will get $200,000 in stimulus funds, while small or rural stations will receive an additional $60,204.

How Domino’s Digitally Blended Itself With ‘Cheers’ For Its New Ad

Katherine Arno Named CPB VP, Community Service Grants And Station Initiatives

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) today named Katherine Arno vice president, community service grants and station initiatives, effective Feb. 17. She will oversee the development and implementation of policy for the Community Service Grant Program, which annually distributes more than $300 million to support public television and radio stations throughout the country. She will also […]

House Appropriations OKs CPB Funding Boost

The full House Appropriations Committee has proposed to increase funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, approving the recommendation of the Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services, Education and Related Agencies, which last month approved a funding boost of $50 million (or about 15%) to $495 million for fiscal year 2022.

Stephanie Aaronson Named CPB Engagement SVP

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) has appointed Stephanie Aaronson  senior vice president, engagement. In this expanded role, she will work collaboratively across the organization and the public media system to lead CPB’s efforts in the development and implementation of strategies to enhance the impact of public media, both locally and nationally, in building a […]

Beth Jacobs Named CPB Digital Strategies VP

The digital media executive will help accelerate cultural transformation, innovation and content creation throughout the public media system.

Trump Takes Aim At Public Media Once Again

President Trump has once again recommended phasing out federal funding for noncommercial TV and radio — comprising about 15% of noncom’s total budget — but if recent past is any guide, he does not have enough support in Congress on either side of the aisle. The phase-out was part of the President’s budget, submitted to Congress last week.

Butler: CPB Funding Request Will Grow By $50M

CPB To Require Anti-Harassment Training For Stations To Get Funding

Pubcasters Withdraw EEO Recommendation

A coalition of top public broadcast organizations formally withdrew a recommendation Friday that the FCC ease equal employment opportunity requirements for public stations. America’s Public Television Stations, NPR, CPB and PBS jointly recommended the review in a joint response to the commission’s request for comments on its agenda to modernize media regulations. After supporters of the EEO rules objected last week, the organizations formally withdrew it.

CPB Wants New Community Service Grants Approach

CPB Chief Details Damage From Funding Cuts

CPB President Patricia de Stacy Harrison tells Congress that President Trump’s proposal to eliminate its funds would most dramatically affect rural and minority communities, eventually forcing some noncommercial television and radio stations to close.

Congress Receives Petitions Supporting CPB

Petitions with more than 660,000 signatures to save CPB funding were presented to Congress Tuesday morning after a rally for parents and kids near the Capitol. The event was sponsored by five advocacy organizations including the progressive hub, media reformer Free Press and ParentsTogether Action, a family issues nonprofit. PBS is not a co-sponsor.

Public Broadcasters Fear ‘Collapse’ Over Cuts

Cutting off federal money for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting could devastate stations in smaller markets that already have tight budgets.

White House Cancels CPB, FCC Nominations

President Trump has withdrawn two nominations for the CPB Board and one for the FCC. Last fall President Obama nominated Brent Nelsen and David Arroyo, both previous CPB directors, to serve through 2020. The two were among 23 nominations withdrawn Tuesday, along with the nomination for FCC commissioner of Jessica Rosenworcel.

Report: Trump Team Plans To Privatize CPB

Privatizing the Corporation for Public Broadcasting is surfacing as a prospective Trump administration move to reduce government spending. The prospect comes from a proposal by the Heritage Foundation, a conservative group that also proposes the elimination of the National Endowment for the Arts.

CPB Receives Almost $1M Refund From Treasury

PBS Interconnect Moves Ahead Amid Change

Amid delays, funding uncertainties and upheaval in the technological landscape surrounding the sixth generation of the PBS interconnection system, leaders at PBS and CPB say the project is on track to roll out its first phase by year’s end.

CPB Urges TV Stations To Consolidate


KETC Pays Reduced Fines To CPB Over Errors

Lawson And Theriault To Leave CPB In May

Pubmedia Urged To Fill Void In Local News

Howard Husock, a VP with the Manhattan Institute and former WGBH Boston producer who was appointed to the CPB board by President Obama, says he thinks the role that public media should focus on — the one that is increasingly not being filled in the commercial marketplace — is local journalism.

CPB Finds Bright Spots For Public Television

A CPB “state of the system” analysis of public broadcasting data from 2014 showed some improvements and turnarounds for public television. Public TV ended a nearly five-year trend of staff downsizing, major-giving revenues increased and the number of individuals donating to public TV stations grew slightly.

CPB COO Vinnie Curren To Retire

Auction Issues Dominate CPB Board Meeting

Executives from more than 100 public television stations have participated in three webinars about the upcoming spectrum auction, CPB directors were told at a board meeting Tuesday. And 22 stations have applied for a total of $658,000 in assistance from a $3 million CPB pool to help them research the ramifications of participating in the auction, scheduled for next year.

CPB Funding Public TV Spectrum Decisions

CPB will spend $3 million to give public television executives access to expert advice on the upcoming broadcast spectrum auction. The extremely high value of spectrum as appraised by an Oct. 1 FCC report created a “considerable amount of confusion” among managers, said Michael Levy, CPB EVP. Previous estimates had been much lower.

CPB Board Elects Sembler, Gilbert As New Leader

Senate Approves Three For CPB Board

The Senate approved three members of the Corporation of Public Broadcasting Board Thursday, one returning and two new. David Arroyo, SVP for legal affairs at Scripps Network Interactive; Judith Davenport, co-founder and director of Sheridan Broadcasting; and Elizabeth Sembler, CPB Board vice chair, were nominated by President Obama earlier this year.

CPB Eyes Rules Prior To Spectrum Auction

CPB will review its television Community Service Grant policies to clarify how to handle station revenues from the upcoming spectrum auction.

Dorothy Peterson, CPB Program Officer, Dies At 79

CPB, PBS Stations Launch National Veterans Project

CPB Urges FCC To Preserve PTV In Auction

CPB’s Board of Directors unanimously approved a resolution Thursday urging the FCC to avoid allowing “white areas” that would lack public television coverage after the upcoming spectrum auction and channel repacking.

GOP’s Budget Would Zero Out CPB Funding

Though its chances of advancing in Congress are considered slim, the proposed budget put forth last week by House Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan would zero out funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Judith Davenport Is Pick For CPB Board

CPB, PBS Launch $20M Low-Income Initiative