COVID, Isais Highlight Need For Broadcaster Help

Many Americans were faced with two crises in recent weeks — the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the arrival of Hurricane Isais — that, according to former FEMA administrator Craig Fugate, only further stressed the importance of local broadcast and media to the communities they serve and reinforced the need for Congress to provide financial relief to these outlets.


Microsoft’s Broadband Plan Is Dangerous

Former FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate: Microsoft’s white spaces proposal to the FCC means that “a  television station or translator will likely be left without a landing slot on the TV dial and forced off the air forever in many markets throughout the country. As someone who has devoted his career to emergency management, I am concerned about any proposal that forces Americans to lose access to local television stations. Local TV is one of the most reliable and trusted ways for the public to get updates during life threatening emergencies.”