OpenAP Unveils OpenID, A Unique Identifier Offers A Common Identity Framework For TV

National U.S. TV publishers adopt OpenID, laying the foundation for new cross-platform measurement capabilities set to launch in broadcast year 2022. Dentsu Media, GroupM, Haworth Marketing + Media, Horizon Media and Omnicom Media Group will integrate with and activate all advanced TV campaigns as OpenID audiences, offering brands cross-screen and person-level insights across TV advertising.

NBCU Picks McConville To Oversee Ad Platforms

As EVP of ad platforms and operations, Ryan McConville will lead a team dedicated to cross-portfolio advertising technology and platform solutions to improve the commercial experience and drive impact for brands.

CBS: TV Trumps Digital In Spend, Reach

Speaking at the Advertising Research Foundation’s Audience Measurement Conference in New York City today, David Poltrack, chief research officer, CBS, shared his network’s findings on the cross-platform dynamics of 315 brands’ TV and digital campaigns, based on Nielsen’s cross-platform ratings.

For Ads, Two Screens Are Better Than One

There’s no shortage of opinions today about media fragmentation and which avenue is best for reaching a specific audience — especially amid a digital deluge. Truth be told, however, marketers that take a narrow approach will likely leave plenty of opportunity on the table, as new data shows just how effective cross-platform campaigns are when compared against those that focus on a single option.


Advertisers Can’t Spend On Just TV Anymore

A study released by Wywy (a cross-platform advertising company) and TNS Infratet finds that while second-screen usage generally erodes TV advertising effectiveness, cross-platform advertising solutions used in conjunction with traditional linear spending can actually improve ad awareness among second-screen users who are also watching TV.

Growing Power Of Cross-Platform Advertising

Traditional TV still accounts for the lion’s share of video viewing, and will likely continue to do so for a good while, but online and mobile are where the growth is. From fourth quarter 2012 to fourth-quarter 2013, the hours consumers spent watching online video grew 30 percent. When managed together, TV and digital hold the potential to drive real impact for advertisers—enabling them to maximize the customers they reach and/or reinforce key messaging across screens.

Buying, Selling And Trusting Across Platforms

The video landscape is in a time of major flux, with digital viewing on the rise, advertisers seeking integrated campaigns and yet TV networks still holding most of the cards. But with the emergence of new technologies—and new measurement capabilities—video advertising is poised for change. Last year, Nielsen and Simulmedia brought together a core group of researchers, marketers and C-suite executives from all sides of the media industry to discuss the future of video advertising. Here are the results.