Fall TV Disrupted By Cross-Platform Viewing

A little over half of consumers are not that concerned with the traditional, seasonal starting up of TV shows — typically in September. In surveying over 3,200 consumers, Videology, a TV-video technology advertising company, pointed to research indicating that 55% of consumers said the “season” doesn’t impact their video viewing. More specifically, 46% of respondents didn’t know that September traditionally marked the start of the new TV season. Another 24% “don’t look forward to the September TV season.” Why? Because TV programming is available all year long.


Time-Shifted TV Viewing Rises Cross-Platform

Traditional TV consumption rose ever so slightly when looking at live and time-shifted viewing. On a monthly basis, Nielsen Cross-Platform Report for the fourth quarter of 2013 showed that traditional TV viewing was up over 170 minutes and 12 seconds versus 168 hours, 2 seconds. Live TV was at 155:32, down from 156:24, and time-shifted TV was up at 14:40 versus 12:38.


On-The-Go Consumers Driving Content

In the spectrum of evolving media, nothing is growing faster than the adoption of portable devices and the consumption of content on these devices. However, traditional TV is thriving as viewers continue engage with their sets by seeking out entertainment and information that appeals to them. In fact, traditional TV viewing has grown year-over-year among the total population, led by African-American households. These households are also increasing their consumption of mobile and digital video.


TV Upfronts Dive Deep Into Digital

Broadcast and cable networks tout cross-platform products aplenty, from Watch ABC to CW Seed.

DirecTV Expands Cross-Platform Reach

DirecTV is making a slew of networks’ programming available on-demand outside-the-home on multiple devices. Networks included are operated by Viacom (including MTV and Teen Nick) and Scripps Networks (including HGTV and Travel Channel) along with others.


Analyzing Consumer Shift To Cross-Platform

Nielsen’s president of global media products and advertiser solutions, Steve Hasker, shared Nielsen’s latest insights on how audiences are using multiple screens and devices. Rapid consumer adoption is driving a shift to digital, mobile and on-demand options. In just the last 12 months, smartphone penetration has gone up 34%, tablet adoption is up 400% and Internet-connected TV is up 25%.


TV Sourcing, Viewing Continues To Change

According to the latest Nielsen Cross-Platform Report, Americans spend more than 33 hours per week watching video across the screens, but how they’re consuming content, traditional TV and otherwise, is changing.

NBCU Plans Cross-Platform Olympics Study

The company partners with Google and comScore to explore new methods of single-source, cross-platform video measurement.


TV Viewing Increases Cross-Platform

Even with more media choices, the average American continues to watch more TV. A new Nielsen report shows that in the April-July period, the average person watched nearly 2 hours and 45 minutes more a month than in the same period a year ago.  That marked a rise of about 2% to an average of 146 hours and 20 minutes a month.

U.S. Watching More TV, Mobile, Web Video

The average American today has more ways to watch video — whenever, however and wherever they choose. In its new Cross-Platform Report, Nielsen finds that the resounding trend is this: Americans are spending more time watching video content on traditional TVs, mobile devices and the Internet than ever before.