Riedel Hires Oliver Zimmermann As Director Of Manufacturing

Oliver Zimmermann today was named director of manufacturing for Riedel Communications. A physicist, supply chain expert and change management specialist with more than a decade of experience in the manufacturing business, most recently in data and telecommunications, Zimmermann will focus on Riedel’s supply chain and production processes to enable even greater efficiency and agility. “Oliver […]


NextGen TV’s Towering Promise

What does ATSC 3.0 really mean for broadcast TV? The possibilities are vast and are likely to supercharge the business. Within 15 years of deploying NextGen services, broadcasters could make more money renting their data bits than from the advertising revenue they earn today. Think about that. A broadcaster’s future is not tied to the sole purpose of video distribution, as it is today. Instead, it will involve a myriad of new data businesses that are enabled by this new way of transmitting data.

ARF Launches Device Sharing Study

In what appears to be an industry first, the Advertising Research Foundation is teaming with seven industry research and/or media suppliers to conduct research on digital device usage and account sharing, which it plans to ultimately launch as a syndicated measurement service. As part of the announcement, the ARF said it would apply to the Media Rating Council to accredit the service in its “second year of execution.”


Vizio Profit Down, But SmartCast Users, Platform Revenue Jump

WPP Merges GroupM, WT Data Units To Form New Data Consultancy

WPP is merging the specialist data units of GroupM and Wunderman Thompson to form a new global data consultancy called Choreograph. The holding company said the new entity is designed to provide data advisory services focusing on strategy, implementation and privacy issues as well as optimizing first-party databases.

DoubleVerify Taps Doug Campbell As Chief Strategy Officer

DoubleVerify, a software platform for digital media measurement, data and analytics, today appointed Doug Campbell as chief strategy officer. In his role, he will be responsible for global strategy and corporate development. He will report to Mark Zagorski, CEO of DoubleVerify. Campbell has more than two decades of experience in growing public and private companies in […]

Dish, Blockgraph Lead Initiative To Harness Data For TV Ads

Companies in the advanced advertising business have formed the TV Data Initiative, a group that will look to accelerate the use of data in the television industry. The group includes Dish Media, Blockgraph, MadHive, VideoAmp, Eyeota and TVSquared and plans to spend the next six months assessing the state of data in the advanced TV ecosystem and identify challenges and opportunities.

BDEX, TiVo Partner To Offer Advertisers Access To Scalable TV Audiences Nationwide

U.S. consumer data exchange BDEX is partnering with TiVo. This joint data collaboration will allow BDEX to bring its data solutions to a wider pool of advertisers, and enable TiVo to expand its reach, giving advertisers unprecedented access to highly-targeted, nationwide audiences while also protecting consumer privacy. As part of the partnership, TiVo will use BDEX’s […]

Dejero Strengthens European Network

Dejero has signed a number of new European partners as part of its strategy to provide its connectivity solutions through rental companies to support the increased demand to deliver mission-critical live video and real-time data across multiple sectors. “As organizations come through the other side of the pandemic, many are re-evaluating their strategy, workflows and […]

SMPTE, MESA Collaborate On Metadata Standard

Penske Media And MRC Form Joint Venture Merging Data Businesses

FCC Provides Push To Internet Broadcasting

Today, the FCC voted unanimously to help promote broadcasting as a new ancillary/competitive broadband service by making it clear that legacy broadcast TV attribution and ownership regulations do not apply to broadcast-delivered internet services like over-the-top video and data made possible by the ATSC 3.0 broadcast transmission standard.

Use Data To Drive Better COVID-19 Coverage

What does your local audience need to know about COVID-19, and when does it need to know it? Questions of editorial priority are always important. Right now, lives likely depend on making those decisions well. Editorial judgment is crucial. But we should also use data: data on what people search; what people click; and, what people say they want. Here are three powerful tools to help make data-driven decisions about how to allocate finite newsroom reporting resources to be sure you’re providing the information your community needs most.

Starks: 3.0 Rollout Raises Privacy, Data Concerns

FCC commissioner Geoffrey Starks warned broadcasters that the new ATSC 3.0 transmission standard starting to be rolled out by TV stations across the country could bring with it the same kind of thorny issues that face tech companies — and have caused Washington to eye new regulations on the edge.

TownNews To launch Data Insights

The new program is designed to make it easier for broadcasters and publishers to aggregate and act on their data.

Zegami Offers Broadcast Visual Data Exploration Platform

Zegami, a visual data exploration company that combines digital media, data and artificial intelligence (AI) into a single cloud-based platform to quickly extract valuable information and identify patterns within, is launching into the broadcast industry. Already working in sectors such as sports, retail and medical research, Zegami’s visual exploration technology, which started in the world […]

Three Tips For Newbies Tackling Data Analysis


Personalized Media: It’s All About The Data

As media organizations respond to consumer demand for a more personalized experience, how well they acquire, analyze, and utilize big data is going to factor heavily into their continued success.


Weathercasting Forecast: A Flood Of Data

Newly available data from the GOES-16 weather satellite and other weather sources are making new data management strategies essential for meteorologists to get at what they need to make their predictions. Vendors have responded with various approaches each aimed at helping meteorologists separate the wheat from the chaff. Above KATU Portland, Ore., alerts viewers. (Baron Services photo)

Data-Driven Traffic Reports Shift In High Gear

Technology from many of the vendors stations rely on to keep viewers informed of changing weather conditions is being used to provide commuters with relevant traffic data on their mobile devices and TVs.

NAB 2017

Data Is The Key To The Future Of Video

As more and more new platforms emerge, the importance of user data grows in guiding programming and advertising strategies.

TV Stations’ 2016 Revenue To Hit $31B

Based on the revenue estimate, BIA/Kelsey places a value of $84 billion on the entire industry. Of the $31 billion, it also says, 83% comes from just 18 major station groups with more than half the stations.

BIA/Kelsey Releases Online Version Of Database

BIA/Kelsey today introduced an online version of the its Media Access Pro data and analytical software service. Media Access Pro Online lets subscribers access and search the television, radio and newspaper database with Macs, tablets and laptops and from anywhere the subscriber can connect to the Internet. “For three decades Media Access Pro has built its reputation as the go-to […]

Sinclair Gets Creative With Data Initiatives

Sinclair Broadcast Group uses programmatic techniques to insure the delivery of its primary audience guarantee and concurrently improve the aggregation of its clients’ equally important secondary targets.

Comcast In Sweeping Data Licensing Talks

The Wall Street Journal reports that Comcast is talking with a number of audience measurement companies and TV networks to license its data to them. The company is looking to harness data from streaming devices and set-top boxes and organize the details into dashboards, which networks and marketers can use to target certain data segments. The talks, which have extended to ESPN, Discovery and Turner and already nabbed NBCUniversal. Subscribers to The Wall Street Journal can read the full story here.

Tribune’s Gracenote Buys Sports Data Firms

With the purchase of Infostrada Sports and SportsDirect, the company becomes a global provider of music, movie, TV and sports data.


How Data Will Play A Role In TV Upfronts

While advertisers aren’t getting away from the Nielsen age-and-gender demographic guarantees at the heart of TV deals anytime soon, data from the likes of Rentrak and Acxiom, as well as internal data, will be used to plan budgets and more efficiently determine which networks are truly reaching target audiences. In some cases, this data will also be used to set second-level guarantees.


ONA 13: Data Emerges As Next Big Thing

Video, mobile and native advertising were among the hot topics at the Online News Association’s annual conference in Atlanta this year, but no topic was perhaps as big as data. From Amy Webb’s prognostication that data will go mainstream in the next year and Nate Silver’s exhortations to let data and statistics guide journalism to something closer to the objective truth to the use of user data to drive revenue, data may have been the key takeaway from ONA.

Verizon CEO Says Unlimited Data Isn’t Sustainable

When Will Big Data Come to Local Media?

What does Jeff Bezos’ purchase of The Washington Post mean for local media companies? The Amazon.com founder knows how to user the data collected on users to his advantage and create relationships, and with the Post he can show other local papers, TV and radio stations how to use data to their advantage. Media strategist Mark Ramsey: “The relationship business is the problem-solving business. And before you can solve problems you need to know what the problems are, how to solve them, and who needs them solved.”