ATSC Touts Gains On 3.0 Receivers, Datacasting

In a hybrid in-person/virtual, two-day conference last week, ATSC celebrated 43 markets with NextGen TV on the air and dozens more soon to follow as well as successes in datacasting and auto data delivery trials. Among the panels was one on successful trials of 3.0 data delivery to automobiles in Phoenix and Santa Barbara, Calif., conducted by Sony in conjunction with Pearl TV and the News-Press Gazette group.

LPTV Group Urges FCC To Consider Datacasting To Close ‘Homework Gap’

LPTV station group ARK Multicasting has asked the FCC to consider the benefits of datacasting via over-the-air broadcasting when doling out funds for the Emergency Connectivity Fund for educational devices and connections.

TVN’S TV2025

NextGen TV Looks To Non-Core For Rev Growth

NextGen TV’s revenue is likely to come from wholly different services than traditional linear programming, according to technology executives on a panel at TVNewsCheck’s TV2025 this week. Broadcasters need to think of 3.0 as “an entirely new platform” to realize its monetization potential, says BIA’s Rick Ducey. Read the story and/or watch the full video above.

Public TV Fights FCC Datacasting Fees

Should public TV stations that use a portion of their spectrum to provide noncommercial data services have to pay fees for that service? That question is before the FCC in a rulemaking proceeding, with groups including PBS, America’s Public Television Stations and the Public Media Venture Group arguing that the fees are hindering development of ATSC 3.0 “broadcast internet” datacasting.

Tennessee Public TV Gets $2M Datacasting Grant

The Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security is making a $2 million grant to Tennessee’s Public Television Stations to fund a pilot project that will deliver private, secure communication between first responders and their management teams in case of an emergency or natural disaster. Arnold Hooper, Tennessee’s wireless communications director for the Department of […]

TVN'S TV2020

Expanded Ad Sales Among 3.0’s Potential

Among the many new options the next-gen TV transmission technology could offer TV stations are the ability to sell regional and national ads in addition to local ones; datacasting as a B2B service; OTT video offerings that could compete with cable and satellite; as well as a much more powerful Advance Warning and Response Network.

APTS To Provide Public Safety Datacasting


Can ATSC 3.0 Revive The Datacasting Dream?

Proponents of the next-generation TV standard say its much more robust signal will let stations deliver data not just to fixed digital sets with indoor antennas, but also to the proliferating millions of smartphones and tablets, making it another revenue stream. However, some of the pioneer datacasters from 15 years ago are unpersuaded that time and better technology have improved the chances for datacasting success.