Letterman: I Don’t Hate Mitt, Come On The Show

Letterman Among Kennedy Center Honorees

Letterman said it was a wonderful honor for his family, his co-workers at CBS’s Late Night with David Letterman and for himself. “I believe recognition at this prestigious level confirms my belief that there has been a mix-up.” he said.

Conan Visits Dave And The Topic Is Jay

So what would David Letterman and Conan O’Brien talk about when the two late-night hosts got together for a chat Thursday night? The Indy 500? The two men traded barbs about Jay Leno last night, about how he would surely be watching the interview, and what kind of relationship O’Brien had with him, before and after the Tonight Show turnaround.

Conan O’Brien To Appear On Letterman Show

CBS In Talks With Letterman, Ferguson

A new deal would keep Letterman on the air long enough to top Johnny Carson’s 30-year streak as the longest-running late-night star in TV history.

Would-Be Letterman Extortionist Gets New TV Gig

Can Stewart Beat Leno, Letterman In 2012?

Letterman Back At Work After Website Death Threat

NEW YORK (AP) — Even a fatwa is grist for comedy when you’re David Letterman. Back from two weeks’ vacation and making his first TV appearance since a threat against his life was posted on a jihadist website, the “Late Show” host played it all for laughs during Monday’s monologue. Letterman began by thanking his […]

Militant Makes Death Threat Against Letterman

In Late-Night Talk Battle, ‘Leno’ Wins

About halfway through the season, NBC’s latenight moves are still moving in the right direction. TNT’s Conan continues to be a different story. NBC says through the first 20 weeks of the season The Tonight Show with Jay Leno is up 42% to 3.9 million viewers; CBS’s Late Show with David Letterman is down 14% to 3.6 million. While a significant improvement, the two shows on a long-term basis are much closer than they have been in their history.

Conan OK With Letterman, Not So Much With Leno

BURBANK, Calif. (AP) — Conan O’Brien says he got a phone call from David Letterman over the holidays. The CBS host wanted to make sure a year of late-night TV turmoil hadn’t created a rift between them. O’Brien told reporters Wednesday that he and Letterman have “always been good. I said he didn’t owe me […]