Can You Really Grow Revenue With Analytics?

The president of analytics firm Decentrix says that you can. By closely monitoring and analyzing the sale operation and taking action based on the data, a TV station “should reasonably expect” to grow spot revenue by more than 11% and achieve a return on its investment in the analytics within months.

Decentrix Guardian Aims To to Optimize Business

Decentrix Inc. has released Mediabase Guardian, the company’s next-generation business optimization technology. Part of the Decentrix BIAnalytix family of products, Mediabase Guardian measures workflows at any given point in time, uses data probes to garner insights into the data flows between systems, and leverages this real-time information to enable continuous process improvement. “Rather than automate institutionalized workflows and […]


NAB Paper To Examine Digital Delivery Metrics


Software Slices, Dices Data To Boost Sales

The growth of customer relationship management solutions and data analytics means stations have a number of options to help them collect and manage information about their customers. Among those in the sales software hunt are Harris, WideOrbit, Decentrix, Matrix Solutions and SalesForce.