US Spends $2B Monthly On Streaming Video

Americans are watching more streaming video than ever — and they now pay an estimated $2 billion each month on subscription-video services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon. That’s according to Deloitte, which found found that 55% of U.S. households now subscribe to at least one video-streaming service (up from 10% in 2009).


Deloitte Selects Dejero For Canadian Tech Fast 50

Demand Up For Digital Video Subscriptions

A Deloitte study of U.S. pay TV subscribers in 2014 found that a majority preferred to subscribe only to the channels they watched regularly. This was not the case two years earlier, when 50% of subscribers preferred to pay for a package of channels, even if they didn’t watch all of them on a regular basis.


Millennials And The Big Shift In TV Habits

A new study from Deloitte shows just how prominent online video has become in their lives and how they differ from Gen Xers and others.  Deloitte Vice chairman Jerry Belson talks about where TV viewing is going, how Trailing Millennials’ habits differ from older Millennials, and why TV ads still carry significant influence..


Study: These Days, People Prefer Streaming

Everyone knows people’s video viewing habits are changing. But a new study from Deloitte suggests they are changing even faster than many would have thought. The most surprising finding of the study: Only 45 percent of those surveyed say they prefer to watch TV programs live as opposed to streaming or delaying them. At the same time, streaming video is making huge strides.


TV’s 2nd Screen For Talking, Not Browsing

There is no doubt the second-screen TV viewing phenomenon is growing, at least among viewers of a certain age. But what are people really using their additional device for while watching the box?


Mobile Platforms Threaten Pay TV Subscriptions


Deloitte: 2011 TV Will Look Like 2001

If the recently concluded Consumer Electronics Show left the impression that TV as we know it is on the cusp of radical reinvention, the folks at research firm Deloitte aren’t buying the hype. Its media forecast for 2011 sees the medium staying largely the same as it’s always been: a hugely dominant force, with no big changes hitting anytime soon.