Digital Journalism Pioneer Grabowicz Dies At 66

BERKELEY, Calif. (AP) — Paul Grabowicz, a former Oakland Tribune reporter who became a digital journalism pioneer at the University of California, Berkeley, has died. Grabowicz died Thursday at the age of 66, the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism said in an obituary on its website. He was suffering from cancer. Grabowicz, or “Grabs” […]

Scripps Leaders Put Digital At Center

At the E. W. Scripps’ Co., there surfaces a picture of two men determined to confront the digital revolution head on, getting out in front of competitors with aggressive experimentation and investing in new products and distributed risk. The zeal and urgency for change generated by Rich Boehne and Adam Symson has pervaded and emboldened Scripps, whose entrepreneurial culture is manifesting on multiple digital fronts. This is the second in a series of Digital Deep Dive special reports on Scripps.


WGBO, DePaul University Get Digital Grant

Copy Editors Making Inroads In Digital

Interviews with journalists at both legacy and Internet news outlets suggest that copy desks are slowly carving a niche into the digital media landscape. And, copy editors increasingly are doing post-publication editing, a trend taking root on the Internet where some news outlets like to publish first and revise later.

Four Trends Changing Digital Journalism

Commonalities between the Knight Foundation’s News Challenge winners — including networked accountability, peer-to-peer collaboration, open geo data and open journalism — hint at journalism’s networked future.

AP, Google Offer Digital Journalism Scholarships