For Newsy, Digital Nativity Aided Its Virus Pivot

As a digital-centric news organization, Newsy was better prepared than many to shift to remote working conditions. What’s changed is a tighter collaborative relationship with other E.W. Scripps-owned sister companies, including Court TV and TV stations.

Former Dallas Anchors Join KDAF To Host Digital Coronavirus Show


TVN Executive Session | LMA: COVID-19 Opens A Window For Membership Prospects

The Local Media Association’s Jed Williams was working with a trio of TV stations on a pilot membership model when the coronavirus struck. He says the moment made clear TV broadcasters’ importance to their communities. It may also be an ideal moment to deepen the relationship with viewers with an endgame of new revenue streams when normalcy returns.

Biden Proposes Holding Online Dem Convention

The party “may have to do a virtual convention,” the former vice president said Sunday. “The idea of holding the convention is going to be necessary. We may not be able to put 10, 20, 30,000 people in one place,” he told ABC’s This Week, calling an online convention “very possible.”

ABC News Live, O&Os Set New Streaming Apps

New apps from ABC News Live debut on Fire TV and Android TV platforms with an update coming to the Roku platform and Apple TV apps. The ABC Owned Television Stations are also introducing market-specific apps on Fire TV, Android TV, the Roku platform and Apple TV.


TV News Needs To Show More Inside Hospitals

David Zurawik: “Sounds of coughing and moaning throughout the room. Corridors overflowing with gurneys bearing COVID-19 patients, some in postures of distress. Sheets of plastic taped to walls, makeshift borders aimed at protection and some semblance of privacy. This is what ground zero looks like in the war on COVID-19, according to a CNN report that aired Monday. I believe we need to see more of these images from media outlets of the horrible truth shown here.”

The Medical News Site That Saw The Coronavirus Coming Months Ago

Ruptly Announces New Partnership With TVU

Video news agency Ruptly today announced a strategic partnership with TVU Networks, the global online broadcast distributor. The long-term collaboration will allow media partners to receive Ruptly’s live transmissions over the internet at full broadcast quality using the TVU Grid platform — a faster, more intuitive and more cost-effective delivery system. Using TVU Grid’s powerful delivery system, […]

Slate Launches A Metered Paywall

With Ad Rates Falling, Snopes Can’t Keep Up With Coronavirus Misinformation

Demand For COVID-19 Facts On WhatsApp Is Skyrocketing

NewsGuard Busts Websites Sharing Fake Coronavirus Information

Pandemic Fuels WhatsApp, Social Media, TV

Kantar has just released findings of what it says is the largest-ever survey of consumers about the fast-moving pandemic, checking in with 25,000 consumers in 30 markets around the globe. Among the findings: People are doing 70% more web browsing, 63% more TV watching, and spending 61% more time on social media. WhatsApp has become increasingly more important, with an overall 40% increase in use.

Local Media Traffic Spikes 48% In Wake Of COVID-19

As millions of Americans around the country are being ordered to shelter in place and work from home, newsrooms across the U.S. are working harder than ever to keep their readers informed on the latest news involving the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, traffic across the TownNews customer network — made up of more than […]

Virus Revives Facebook As News Powerhouse

More than half of all news consumption on Facebook in America is about the virus, according to an internal report.

Hearst Stations Expand Coronavirus Reporting

The group’s second Facebook Watch show, Field Notes, features pandemic stories from Hearst stations in 26 markets cross the U.S.


TVN Executive Session | Touts Its Digital Lead

Coming off a record overall month this January in digital traffic according to Comscore data, Fox News Digital’s VP and editor-in-chief says’s consistently strongest story is its home page.

WRAL Podcast Bets Transparency Builds Loyalty

Like every other newsroom, WRAL-TV is grappling with the unique challenges of covering the coronavirus. But the Capitol Broadcasting station in Raleigh is also exploring those challenges publicly in the latest episode of a new podcast called How to Commit Journalism.

FDIC Calls Out Newsmax Over ‘Misleading Ads’

Coronavirus Brings A Surge To News Sites

Many journalists are covering a once-in-a-lifetime story from home, thanks to Zoom and Slack. But as readers flock to large news outlets, ads are starting to disappear.

COVID-19: The Story Of A Lifetime For TV News

Big news stories can dominate the entire news cycle for weeks, months, even years. But very few are as earth shaking as the recent coronavirus outbreak, which is dominating the news cycle and changing the way news organizations work.

WUCF Orlando Changes Schedule, Offers Free Online Resources Amid Pandemic

News Orgs Drop Paywalls For Coronavirus Info

Media outlets big and small, from The New York Times to the Telegraph-Forum in Bucyrus, Ohio, are letting people read their coronavirus coverage without a subscription.


TVN Tech | Messenger App A New Tool For Breaking News

Broadcasters including Gray Television and Cox Media Group have been beta testing the new Facebook Messenger Experience app from Social News Desk enabling users to opt in for breaking news and customized content. With 1.3 billion global Messenger users and a 50%-80% open rate, it opens a key new front to reach viewers, particularly as the coronavirus crisis escalates.

Fox News Returns To Twitter

Fox News is making a return to Twitter, more than a year after going silent on the social-media platform. Now the news outlet is poised to resurface on the venue, with executives envisioning the chance to use it as a service or a means of getting information about the coronavirus outbreak to followers. Approximately 18.5 million people follow the network on Twitter.


When Social Is More Accurate Than The President

All through February and early March, the voices of doctors and nurses on social media provided a vital antidote to those of confused and complacent political leaders embodied by President Trump. Their voices carried credibility and urgency in a way the always-on crisis of cable news can’t. They fed and were fed by credible journalism. And they helped force the United States to reckon with the crisis.


TVN Executive Session | Deep Fake Videos Pose Growing Threat To News

CBC adviser and news technologist Bruce MacCormack warns that deep fake videos have gotten more sophisticated and difficult to detect. Their creators are also proliferating, he says, and news organizations need to begin arming themselves against what could be “an existential threat” to their legitimacy.

Newsy Tells Employees In NY And DC To Stay Home Through April 3


In Praise Of Coronavirus Coverage

Poynter’s Tom Jones: “Despite early claims that the media was overblowing this story, creating a narrative where there was none and fueling unnecessary panic, this week has turned out to be one of journalism’s finest hours. The journalism on display this week during an ever-shifting and rapidly-moving story has been nothing short of spectacular.”

Doubts About The Future Of Digital News

In the span of just a few weeks, the top editors of two leading digital-news outfits called it quits. Ben Smith, who ran BuzzFeed News for eight years, took a job writing a column at the New York Times; Lydia Polgreen is leaving HuffPost to oversee a podcast company. Two does not make a trend, but it does raise a question: Do their departures — smack in the middle of the busiest news cycle in years — say something about the troubled state of the digital news media?

Coronavirus Gives Push To Service Journalism

So many podcasts, newsletters and TV specials have popped up in the outbreak’s wake, that Harvard University’s Nieman Foundation even joked about it last week: “Not to alarm you, but coronavirus-focused news products are spreading very quickly.”

How Newsrooms Are Preparing For Coronavirus

Newsrooms are creating contingency plans to make sure that they can adequately inform the public about the novel coronavirus while keeping their own employees safe.

CBS All Access Launches Animated ‘Tooning Out The News’ Series

WGAE And CBSN Agree To Contract

The Writers Guild of America East says it has negotiated the first contract with CBSN, which the guild said marks the first anchored live streaming service to be unionized.

NBC News Launches Content Studio To Pair Advertisers With Streaming Video

The NBCUniversal news operation is launching NBC News Custom Productions, an editorial unit devoted to finding ways to pair advertisers with a growing array of content options made for streaming-video outlets.

NBC News Explores ‘Today’ Streaming Options

In a memo issued Monday, NBC News Digital staffers were told that the company plans to explore streaming opportunities for Today and intends to shift some employees assigned to video “to focus on preparing for a streaming experience.” A person familiar with the matter says NBC News is mulling such an initiative, but cautioned that it is in its earliest days and is not guaranteed to come to fruition.


Sr. Multiplatform Producer Opening At WRAL

New jobs posted to TVNewsCheck’s MediaJobCenter include an opening for a senior multiplatform producer at WRAL in Raleigh, N.C., who will plan and produce daily coverage — written, video and multimedia.


What Sanders Gets Right About The Media

The senator’s sweeping critique of coverage has more merit than we in the media like to admit.


Virus Misinformation Stumps Facebook, Twitter

Secret labs. Magic cures. Government plots. Despite efforts by social media companies to stop it, false information about the coronavirus is proliferating around the world.


CBS Launches CBSN Pittsburgh

The debut is the newest expansion of major market local news streaming services from CBS and features local news content produced by KDKA and WPCW.