DTC Challenges T-Mobile Repack Claims

Digital Tech Consulting takes issue with T-Mobile’s contention that 39 months and $1.75 billion will be adequate to insure a smooth repack following the FCC’s incentive auction.


Slow Going For Broadcaster Repack Relief

NAB is pressing Congress for more time and money for broadcasters to move to new channels following the spectrum incentive auction this spring, but key policymakers are signaling that such relief will not come, if it comes at all, until after the incentive auction when the full dimensions of band repacking are better known.

Adrick Floats Regional Repack Transition Plan

RF expert Jay Adrick, one of the authors of the NAB-financed study that says that the incentive auction repack could take as much as 11 years, says that if the the repack is conducted on a region-by-region basis, wireless buyers could get access to their spectrum in a highly populated region in less than three years.