TikTok Heads To TV

TikTok has launched its first TV app on Amazon Fire TV devices. “More on TikTok” features curated video playlists and compilations from the mobile TikTok app, as well as interviews with creators, along with other content that runs over the one-minute limit on the phone app. The app is a view-only channel, so users won’t need to log in, and it won’t enable them to upload videos.

TAG Video Systems Joins The Streaming Video Alliance

TAG Video Systems  has joined the Streaming Video Alliance, an industry forum comprising online video companies. TAG said it joined “to stay close to the heart of steaming technologies and participate in the forum’s work groups which are dedicated to developing best practice solutions for the highest-quality video experience possible.” Tomer Schechter, TAG CTO, said: “TAG […]

CBS Plans 30+ Hours Of Digital Video Around Super Bowl

SpotX: 5 Trends Leading To Digital’s Rise

TV is in the midst of a technological revolution. With more ways to consume video content than ever before, the definition of TV has never been more ambiguous. Unsurprisingly, the primary driver of this shift is the internet. Rapid advancements in broadband and mobile networks have catalyzed new viewing habits. The entrance of subscription video on demand platforms plus virtual MVPDs enable audiences to consume content in new ways, within and away from the traditional living room setting.

TV Nets Buy Original Digital Shows For Apps

In a tenuous market for short-form video content, digital video creators might have a new, but old friend: TV networks. Discovery Communications has aired nine original digital series since August on its nine TV Everywhere apps for its TV networks that include Discovery Channel, TLC and Investigation Discovery.

2017’s Perilous Pivot To Video

Suffice it to say, it’s been a terrible year for some digital media companies that once dreamed of disrupting the content world. If that sounds harsh, remember what we’ve learned this year: It’s nearly impossible to build a big media business if you’re only making money through advertising; the pivot to video is costly and will fail for most companies that don’t know how to produce anything but short videos for Facebook; and consumer revenue requires building a brand that people care about, which is tougher to do when your content only appears in other people’s news feeds.

Accenture: How To Thrive In The Digital Video Market

A new report from Accenture examines a time of almost unprecedented disruption and intense competition among a growing array of players in the video industry. Bringing TV to Life: Charting the Course to Success focuses on two types of video companies. The first consists of traditional video content providers and distributors such as TV network […]


Digital Video And TV Nets Becoming Partners

Television its dead—long live television. That could become the unofficial motto, or at least the crawl at the bottom of the screen, to explain the recent flurry of hookups between digital players like BuzzFeed, Vice and Mashable with old-guard media companies such as NBCUniversal, Disney and Turner Broadcasting. The digital world obviously thinks TV still has its charms: massive reach and ad dollars from blue-chip brands.

Tegna Invests In Whistle Sports

Whistle Sports features a library of more than 230,000 videos and 1,720 channels that drive more than 600 million video views each month.

Digital Out-Of-Home Growing As Video Source

Digital place-based advertising is booming, from in-store signage to Times Square’s vibrant billboards. TV — still a powerful medium, to be sure — is now far from the be-all for securing desired levels of video impressions.

Comcast Starts Digital Platform ‘Watchable’

Comcast has announced a new ad-supported digital video platform focused around independent digital video players, called Watchable. The move had been expected. Media sources have been positioning Watchable as a YouTube competitor. Many digital video providers that Watchable has signed up are also on Google’s video platform.


Digital Video Rights A Hurdle In CBS-TW Fight

The Wall Street Journal reports digital video rights have become a major sticking point in the carriage dispute between Time Warner Cable and CBS, highlighting how new online TV services are adding more tension and complexity to the dealings between content owners and distributors. WSJ subscribers can read the full story here.


Study: Think Digital Video, Think Mobile

A new study finds video viewing on smartphones and tablets will rise 43.9% this year, while non-mobile will grow 9.5%. Traditional TV will take the hit, declining 2% in 2016.

Digital Video’s Best Upfront Play: Growth

It’s the hot thing right now, and advertisers love that it reaches millennials. But buyers and sellers remain divided on metrics and fraud concerns. Plus, it’s so disorganized.

TV Vs. Digital Video: How They Stack Up

People still watch a lot more television, but digital video is gaining, especially on mobile. Within a few years the gap will vanish. But ad dollars may take longer to catch up.

Demand Up For Digital Video Subscriptions

A Deloitte study of U.S. pay TV subscribers in 2014 found that a majority preferred to subscribe only to the channels they watched regularly. This was not the case two years earlier, when 50% of subscribers preferred to pay for a package of channels, even if they didn’t watch all of them on a regular basis.

Pros Offer New Approaches To Digital Video

The one constant across some of the most popular platforms — Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Vine — is the growing consumption of video on mobile. So publishers need a new approach to video — one that caters to a mobile, social audience and involves a healthy amount of experimentation around new formats and more efficient workflows.

Spotify Faces Uphill Battle In Video

Spotify’s plan to build a digital video business has prompted equal parts excitement and skepticism across the media industry. The music-streaming company has been talking with media companies about potential video content partnerships but begs the question how Spotify will compete in a digital video landscape dominated by YouTube, Facebook and Netflix — and how that will impact the company’s bottom line.

Weather Co.: Digital Video Will Drive Growth

The Weather Co. is pinning much of its growth strategy this year on digital video, with 15 fulltime video staffers producing about 15 original videos a day to push it along. Most of its videos are less than a minute long, but feature aggressive pre-roll advertising.

MiTú Network Wants Latino Video Dominance

NeuLion To Acquire DivX

Inside Bloomberg Media’s Digital Video Biz

Bloomberg Media’s digital video investments are beginning to pay off. Half a year has elapsed since Bloomberg Media CEO Justin Smith called digital video “a golden asset,” promising “large bets” on video content and distribution as part of “a new direction” for Bloomberg’s media business. Since then, video has increasingly taken center stage on Bloomberg’s digital properties — and viewership has spiked.


Digital Video Viewing Continues To Climb

Parks Associates says U.S. broadband households spend on average 1.3 hours per week watching video on a tablet and 1.6 hours per week watching video on a smartphone. But this compares to almost 20 hours per week on the television.

The Changing Landscape Of Digital Video

The shift to mobile brings with it another trend: a seismic shift in the way video is consumed. As more people have access to their own personal viewing devices. they’re using them to consume all content — including video — at an increasing rate.

Nielsen: Older Adults Embracing Digital Video

A report says that those ages 50 to 64 watched an average of eight minutes more digital video in the second quarter of 2014, while cutting back on television viewing.


Time Inc. Launches Standalone Video Portal

Time Inc. is launching a platform for digital video content from all its magazine brands, the company announced at Digital Content Newfronts on Thursday morning. Nicole Levy reports the portal, to be called The Daily Cut, will put all of Time Inc.’s video content in one place, noting Time Inc. has “joined the emerging trend of traditional magazine publishers building one-stop clearinghouses for their increased digital video output meant to attract more lucrative online ad dollars.”


Defining The Big Issues In Digital Video

Heading into the Digital Newfronts, buyers want gross ratings points and advertisers want better technology to zap fraud. Scott Ferris, general manager for TV and video advertising group at Microsoft, talks about the biggest issues in online video, why the Newfronts are valuable and what buyers don’t want to see in presentations.


Digital Video Seen Reaching 60% Of U.S. In ’14

Continuing to reshape the advertising ecosystem, analysts are beyond bullish about digital video in 2014 and beyond. “We expect [the growth of digital video] to become a prominent theme in 2014, with meaningful dollars moving by 2015,” Macquarie Securities analysts said in a joint research note released Friday.

CBS News In Talks For Digital Video Service

The company’s news and interactive units are developing a digital programming service to be distributed on mobile phones, tablets, game consoles and over-the-top TV distribution systems.

More TV Viewers Tune Into Digital Video

Traditional TV viewers are increasingly spending more of their time watching more digital video.


Will Digital Video Be Bought Like TV?

The big challenge is to get the digital agencies to think of, and buy, digital video in the same way they do traditional TV. Some have started to implement buys with a comScore vCE or Nielsen OCR metric, but it’s just the beginning as the original forms of measurement are gradually replaced and client demand for digital video increases.


Can TV Delay Impact Of Digital Video?

Roger Wood, VP of digital media and analytics for iCrossing: “2012 promises to be the most tumultuous year ever in TV media buying as digital video gives advertisers more choices and TV networks more competition. More than 40% of the total advertising expenditures in the United States are focused on traditional television. Can the TV industry delay the full impact of digital video?”

Can TV Delay Impact Of Digital Video?

Roger Wood, VP of digital media and analytics for iCrossing: “2012 promises to be the most tumultuous year ever in TV media buying as digital video gives advertisers more choices and TV networks more competition. More than 40% of the total advertising expenditures in the United States are focused on traditional television. Can the TV industry delay the full impact of digital video?”

Digital Video Ad Spend Could Rise 40% In ’11

In a study conducted by Break Media and Advertiser Perceptions, 70% of respondents said they planned to increase their ad spending on digital video in 2011. PricewaterhouseCoopers, meanwhile, predicts that spending for online video will increase this year by 38.6% from 2010, coming on top of a 39.5% increase in 2010 compared with 2009.