DOJ Will Not Change ASCAP-BMI Decrees

Siding with music users, the Justice Department concludes that the consent decrees call for “full-work” — rather than “fractional” — music licensing. ASCAP and BMI head to court and Congress.


KMOV To Be Spun Off To Smooth Gannett Buy

Gannett Co. can move ahead with its purchase of Belo Corp. as long as the deal does not include CBS affiliate KMOV St. Louis, antitrust enforcers at the U.S. Justice Department said today.


DOJ Clears The Air On E-Cigarette Ads

The Department of Justice says while e-cigarettes are often manufactured to look like conventional cigarettes, they do not contain a “roll of tobacco” and therefore are not subject to the federal ban on cigarette ads. So does that mean the floodgates are open on e-cigarette ads? Not quite. Here’s why.

Shield Law Sparks Debate Among Journalists

Last week, a Senate panel voted to approve a compromise that defined a journalist, clearing the way for the proposed media shield law to be voted on by the full Senate. But journalists around the country had plenty to say about a law that would exclude some bloggers.


Abramson Fears Reporting Being Criminalized

Jill Abramson, executive editor of The New York Times, appeared with The Washington Post‘s Bob Woodward and The Daily Beast’s Daniel Klaidman on CBS’s Face The Nation. Abramson on the DOJ’s leaks investigations: “In all of these cases I think the important thing is there’s supposed to be a balance between the needs to prosecute leakers and a free press. And it appears that in the pursuit of these cases … that balance doesn’t seem to have been applied inside the department.”

AP, Fox News Not Isolated DOJ Controversies

There is an ongoing legal case that raises the same protection-of-sources-issues that have been debated in the media firestorm surrounding the DOJ’s pursuit of AP and Fox News sources.


Will AP, Fox News Be The End Of Eric Holder?

President Obama told the country that he didn’t want to criminalize reporting, and that he was going to ask his Justice Department to make sure not to do that anymore. To that end he is going to convene a panel, and urge the passage of a shield law. The question is, what will he do about Attorney General Eric Holder?

News Corp.: No Record Of FNC Subpoena

News Corp. said on Monday it is still reviewing whether it has any record of a notification from the United States government involving a subpoena for a Fox News reporter’s phone records.


Obama’s War On Leaks Hurts Journalism

Leonard Downie: “The Obama administration’s steadily escalating war on leaks, the most militant I have seen since the Nixon administration, has disregarded the First Amendment and intimidated a growing number of government sources of information — most of which would not be classified — that is vital for journalists to hold leaders accountable.”


Rosen May Not Have Been Only DOJ Target

The Obama Justice Department seized the phone records of numbers that are associated with White House staffers and, apparently, with Fox News reporters, according to a document filed in the case of Stephen Jin-Woo Kim. Kim is a former State Department contractor accused of violating the Espionage Act for allegedly leaking classified information to James Rosen, a Fox News reporter. The U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia has seized records associated with two phone numbers at the White House, at least five numbers associated with Fox News, and one that has the same area code and exchange as Rosen’s personal-cell-phone number.


Pew: U.S. Not Very Interested In AP Scandal

Only about 16% of the U.S. population is keeping a close eye on the DOJ’s seizure of AP phone records, according to a new study from the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press. Of those who are following the story closely, 55% disapprove of the DOJ’s actions.

DOJ Tracked Fox Reporter In Leak Probe

When the Justice Department began investigating possible leaks of classified information about North Korea in 2009, investigators did more than obtain telephone records of a working journalist suspected of receiving the secret material. They used security badge access records to track Fox chief Washington correspondent James Rosen’s comings and goings from the State Department, according to a newly obtained court affidavit.

AP Chief: DOJ Probe Makes Sources Nervous

The Justice Department’s seizure of phone records for journalists at the Associated Press is hurting the agency’s ability to gather news, the wire service’s President Gary Pruitt said on Sunday.

AP Case Adds To WH’s Tough Stand On Leaks

The Obama administration has proven to be even tougher than President George W. Bush on prosecuting national security leaks. The seizure of Associated Press phone records this week is just the latest example.

Inside The AP: Fear And Determination

Reporters across The Associated Press are outraged over the Justice Department’s sweeping seizure of staff phone records — and they say such an intrusion could chill their relationships with confidential sources. In conversations on Tuesday, several AP staffers in Washington described feelings of anger and frustration with the DOJ and with the Obama administration in general.

Ex-KTXL Web Producer Charged By Justice

Matthew Keys, deputy social media editor at Thomson Reuters, has been indicted for his alleged involvement in the hacking of a Tribune Co. computer server. The three-count indictment charges that in December 2010, Keys provided members of hacker group Anonymous with log-in information for the server. Keys had been fired from Tribune-owned Fox affiliate KTXL Sacramento, Calif., in October 2010.