Don West: ‘Mr. Broadcasting’ Now A Giant

The assistant to the CBS legend Frank Stanton and long-time Broadcasting magazine editor chronicled the state of the electronic media and vigorously championed First Amendment rights for more than 40 years. Then he oversaw the Giants of Broadcasting & Electronic Arts as president of the Library of American Broadcasting Foundation, a post he left earlier this year. This profile is the sixth in a series featuring individuals who will be honored by the Library of American Broadcasting Foundation as Giants of Broadcasting & Electronic Arts on Oct. 15 in New York. This year’s other honorees: Don Mischer, Gracia Martore, Bill Persky, Jarl Mohn, Gene Jankowski, Mel Karmazin, the Carter family and Herb Granath.

Jankowski, Granath, West Among LAB Giants

The annual luncheon and ceremony honoring individual contributions to media will take place Oct. 15 at Gotham Hall in New York.


Don’t Alter Standards To Fit New Media

From my point of view, it’s all this adapting to new technology that’s got us in the mess we’re in, First Amendment-wise.” The mess is propelled by the fact that the press has lost its professional — and essentially exclusive — standing. The new technology has made all the means of communication available to everyone. The only restraint is self-restraint and it doesn’t exist out there. Inside the profession it exists in ever lessening degree. if professional journalists in all media just used the new technology, but didn’t adapt their principles and honor to it, we’d all be better off.