How Donald Trump’s Financial Future Became Tied To Trump Media

The former president has treated Trump Media, which runs his social network Truth Social, as a low-cost sideshow. Now a big portion of his wealth hinges on its success.


Biden Accepts ABC Offer To Debate Trump In The Fall; Candidates Set For CNN Face Off In June

On Tuesday, there were no scheduled debates between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Now President Biden says there are two. First was the self-described “breaking news” announcement this morning by CNN boss Mark Thompson at the Warner Bros Discovery upfront of one debate on CNN on June 27. Then, less than 45 minutes after the CNN announcement, Biden said there is a second debate coming Sept.10 on ABC.

Play-By-Play And Drawings On An iPad: How Cable TV Covers A TV-Less Trial

With no cameras recording Donald Trump’s criminal trial, anchors and producers are improvising to animate dramatic moments like Michael Cohen’s testimony. Pictured: Michael Cohen leaving his apartment building on his way to Manhattan Criminal Court on Monday. (Julia Nikhinson/AP)

Inside The Off-The-Record Calls Held By Anti-Trump Legal Pundits

Some of the country’s most prominent legal commentators are holding off-the-record sessions to hash out the latest twists and turns in Donald Trump’s legal saga.

Right-Wing Media Are In Trouble

The flow of traffic to Donald Trump’s most loyal digital-media boosters isn’t just slowing; it’s utterly collapsing.

Trump’s Truth Social Stock Plummets 25% On Reports Of $58 Million In 2023 Losses

The filing also warns shareholders that the former president’s involvement and stake in the company could put it at greater risk. (Christoph Dernbach/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images)

Trump Media Co. Completes SPAC Merger, Stock Begins Trading Downward

The share price of Digital World Access Corp. began trending downward following a shareholder vote Friday morning to merge with Donald Trump’s social media company: Trump Media & Technology Group, the parent company of the Truth Social digital platform. The deal, which personally gives Trump billions of dollars in potential equity value, includes contractual requirements barring him from selling shares for six months.

Trump Sues ABC And Stephanopoulos, Saying They Defamed Him

Former President Donald Trump filed a defamation lawsuit against ABC News on Monday, arguing that the anchor George Stephanopoulos had harmed his reputation by saying multiple times on-air that the former president had been found liable for raping the writer E. Jean Carroll.

Ralph Reed’s Army Plans $62M Spending Spree Backing Trump

Faith & Freedom, a conservative-leaning evangelical advocacy organization, intends to spend $62 million registering and turning out evangelical voters, texting and calling supporters, and door-knocking — $10 million more than it spent four years ago. The group is expected to, among other things, hand out 30 million pieces of literature in 125,000 churches — many of them in battleground states.

Inside Donald Trump’s Curious Relationship With Fox News — And What It Means For Other Candidates

At conservative America’s favorite news source, the Republican nomination process is essentially over and has been for awhile, leaving Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley annoyed at perceived favoritism to Trump. Hardly grateful, the former president regularly tears into Fox for what he sees as disloyalty, even ripping his former White House press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, now a Fox contributor.

Trump’s Live Appearances Pose A Riddle That News Executives Still Haven’t Solved

The question of how to cover the former president’s current campaign hung in the air as CNN, MSNBC and some streaming outlets started — then stopped — showing Trump’s speech following Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary. There was little hand-wringing at Fox News Channel and Newsmax, networks that appeal to Trump supporters. They carried the former president’s remarks in full. Outlets weigh whether an event’s newsworthiness justifies live coverage when there’s a risk Trump will make false statements that are difficult, if not impossible, to correct in real time — or go completely off script with something entirely unexpected. (Matt Rourke/AP)

Trump Campaign Bars NBC Reporter From New Hampshire Event

NBC’s Vaughn Hillyard, who was representing a pool of five major TV networks, said the Trump campaign objected to his presence.

ABC Cancels New Hampshire GOP Debate

The decision was made after candidate Nikki Haley refused to participate without Donald Trump’s presence.

News Outlets Make Early Call In Iowa, Backlash Ensues

No votes had been cast at some locations when The Associated Press and TV networks projected Donald Trump as the winner, half an hour after the caucuses began.


Airing Of Trump’s Fusillade In Full Is Evidence Of His Media Advantage

The coverage was a stark reminder that the former president’s legal troubles offer an outsize media platform as he pursues the Republican nomination.

Donald Trump Enjoys Relaxed Fox News Town Hall While Top Republican Rivals Have Fiery Debate

As Donald Trump’s two main Republican rivals slugged it out Wednesday on an Iowa debate stage, the former president appeared across town on a Fox News Channel town hall in a counterprogramming move where few discouraging words were heard. (Carolyn Kaster/AP)

Trump Blasts Fox News For Its Polling Coverage, Hours Before Iowa Town Hall

After Years Of Ups And Downs, Trump Is, Once Again, Live On Fox News

A town hall in Iowa on Wednesday is the network’s first live interview with the former president in nearly two years, the latest twist in a long-running drama.

Fox News’ Donald Trump Town Hall Planned For Same Night As CNN’s GOP Debate

Fox News will host a town hall with former President Donald Trump on Jan. 10, which happens to be the same evening as CNN’s Republican debate in Iowa. The Fox News event will be co-moderated by anchors Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum and will be aired live from Des Moines, Iowa.

True-Crime Podcasts About Trump Are Everywhere

MSNBC, NPR, Vox Media and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution are all aiming to capitalize on interest in the criminal cases against President Donald J. Trump with the shows.

Inside The Troll Army Waging Trump’s Online Campaign

A team of meme-makers has been flooding social media with pro-Trump posts riddled with sexist and racist tropes. Donald Trump is cheering them on.

NBC News Demands Trump Campaign Take Down Fake Clip Of Reporter

NBC News has demanded that Donald Trump’s campaign remove a video that includes audio deceptively edited to seem like it comes from an NBC correspondent after the third presidential debate, two people familiar with the exchange say. The video in question, shared by a top Trump adviser, opens with authentic footage of NBC News senior Capitol Hill correspondent Garrett Haake previewing the debate for the network. It soon cuts to video of each candidate as a voiceover — in Haake’s voice — makes disparaging comments about the candidates.

Conundrum Of Covering Trump Lands At Univision’s Doorstep

When the U.S.’s largest Spanish-language network ran a friendly interview with the former president, Democrats cried foul. Executives say they’re seeking more balance.


Trump And His Allies Are Threatening Retribution Against The Press. Their Menacing Words Should Not Be Ignored

Oliver Darcy: “The American press is facing, arguably, the gravest potential threat to its freedom in a generation. The four-time indicted, twice-impeached disgraced former president, Donald Trump, who admitted Tuesday that he will govern as a “dictator” on “day one” should he win office again, is overtly vowing to weaponize government and seek retribution against the news media, showing no regard for the First Amendment protections afforded to the Fourth Estate.”

Bannon, Patel Say Trump ‘Dead Serious’ About Revenge On Media

Steve Bannon and Kash Patel claimed that former President Trump is “dead serious” about exacting revenge on his political enemies if he wins a second term as president, and they warned members of the media to take the threats seriously, saying Tuesday: “We’re going to come after you.”

Trump’s Blast At MSNBC — Empty Threat Or Real Danger?

Former President Trump’s latest blast at a news organization is sharpening concerns about a drift toward authoritarianism if he is elected to a second term — even as skeptics wonder how he could make good on his threats.

Univision Anchor Jorge Ramos Is Latest To Blast Trump Interview

Jorge Ramos, the Univision star anchor who has become as defined by his clashes with the Trump administration as he has by his coverage of major world events, has become the latest of the Spanish-language network’s top anchors to take issue with an interview broadcast by the news division earlier this month with the former president.

Univision CEO Tells Staff ‘We’re Not A Tool Of Any Party’ Amid Trump Interview Backlash

TelevisaUnivision CEO Wade Davis sent a memo to staff Tuesday addressing backlash the network has faced after a controversial interview with former President Trump that some viewed as too friendly. In the memo, Davis said despite the criticism, the company continues to maintain a nonpartisan approach to news.

Congressional Hispanic Caucus Asks To Meet With TelevisaUnivision CEO Amid Trump Interview Backlash

The letter said the CHC was concerned about “preventing the spread of mis- and disinformation in Latino communities.”

Trump Sues MSNBC, Reuters, 18 Other News Orgs, Claims They ‘Coordinated’ in Misreporting $73M Truth Social Losses

Donald Trump is still very angry over the erroneous reporting about the financial losses at his Twitter clone, Truth Social, and in a new lawsuit filed Monday, the ex-president claimed that the reports were actually a vast media conspiracy involving “no less than 20 major media outlets.”

Latino Backlash Grows Over Donald Trump’s Friendly Univision Interview

Members of Congress plan to ask for a meeting with a company executive as a famous actor, a Univision founder and Latino rights advocacy groups speak out.

Univision, The Spanish Language News Giant, Shifts Its Approach To Trump

The presence of corporate executives at Mar-a-Lago raises alarm among Democrats who are used to Latino media criticism of the former president’s policies.

Trump, Prosecutors Clash Over Televising Election-Interference Trial

Former President Donald Trump has breathed new life into a push by media companies to televise his federal trial on election-subversion charges, but the odds of cameras being in the courtroom remain slim. On Friday, Trump’s lawyers urged U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan to allow broadcasting of the trial, scheduled to begin in March, saying that the “prosecution wishes to continue this travesty in darkness” and that “President Trump calls for sunlight.”

Trump’s Truth Social Has Lost $73M Since Launch, New Filing Shows

The numbers are the first time that any internal financial details on the social platform have been shared publicly, and they suggest that while Trump has made Truth Social his primary social media platform, it has not been translating into meaningful revenue for the tech startup, which is owned by Trump Media & Technology Group.

Biden Campaign Accuses TV News Outlets Of Unbalanced Coverage

Says there is not enough reporting on GOP front-runner Donald Trump’s “extremism” and age.


Why We’re Optimistic About Cameras In The Trump D.C. Trial

In early October, RTDNA and 18 other press freedom groups and national news organizations filed two key documents seeking live audiovisual coverage of the trial in United States v. Trump, the D.C. election interference criminal case currently docketed to begin in March.

Televise Trump’s Federal Trials? Judicial Panel Says Its Hands Are Tied

A courts committee says it lacks authority to modify a broadcasting ban in time for the historic criminal cases against the former president.

NBCU Seeks Video Coverage Of Donald Trump’s Election Conspiracy Case

NBCUniversal filed its own request to televise Donald Trump’s election conspiracy trial, citing the extraordinary circumstances of a former president facing criminal charges. In an application filed today in U.S. District Court in Washington, NBCU’s legal team, led by Theodore Boutrous Jr., wrote that “Civil and criminal proceedings have been televised routinely for decades pursuant to rules in many state courts, with no prejudice to any party or to the administration of justice. If ever a trial were to be televised, this one should be, for the benefit of American democracy,” they wrote.

RTDNA Files Legal Request To Televise Trump Trials

The Radio Television Digital News Association filed a legal request with the U.S. District Court of Washington D.C., formally asking for live audio and video coverage of the upcoming Jan. 6-related criminal trial against former president Donald Trump, currently on the docket for March 2024. The request is part of a coalition of the nation’s leading news advocacy groups and organizations.

Trump Legal Troubles A Boon For MSNBC

The news outlet is hyper-focused on Trump’s legal jeopardy, with a team of experts ready to dissect every ruling, every filing, every comment. The approach has seen success — even with some Republicans — with potential for more and the obvious questions of what happens when the bubble bursts. (Image: Angela Weiss/Pool Photo via AP)