These Investors Are Putting $1 Billion Into Trump Media

A draft document contains the names of dozens of hedge funds and others behind the $1 billion private investment announced in December.

Trump’s Media Company To Pursue Streaming Venture

Having stumbled with his social network, Donald Trump now has aspirations to create a right-wing rival to Netflix. Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG) has posted ads on job sites seeking to hire a content development manager and content acquisition professional for TMTG+, a streaming service that will “provide big-tent entertainment, exciting documentaries, sports programming, and more,” according to the company — which claims that “the American public is seeking ‘non-woke’ entertainment, and TMTG+ will provide content for all to enjoy.”

Musk Says He Would Reverse Twitter’s Ban Of Donald Trump

Musk, speaking virtually at a Future of the Car summit hosted by the Financial Times, said Twitter’s Trump ban was a “morally bad decision” and “foolish in the extreme.” He said permanent bans of Twitter accounts should be rare and reserved for accounts that are scams or automated bots.

Trump’s Social Media App Launches Year After Twitter Ban

The former president’s Truth Social app was offered for download beginning Monday from the Apple App Store to a limited number of subscribers who had preordered. Others who were added to a waiting list are to be given access over the next 10 days. The site encountered technical glitches shortly after launch, with reports that subscribers were shut out for hours. Others had trouble signing on. The site is not expected to be open to anyone who wants to download it until next month.

Trump’s Truth Social Set To Join Crowded Field

Truth Social, the former president’s hard-right alternative to Twitter, could open its doors next month. But as businesses go, outrage may not be the best moneymaker.

Fox News Host Brian Kilmeade Hits Trump On Arizona Election Claim


Where Fox News And Donald Trump Took Us

Roger Ailes understood the appeal Donald Trump had for Fox viewers. He didn’t foresee how together they would redefine the limits of political discourse. Above, Chris Wallace interviewed President-elect Trump for Fox News in December 2016.

Trump Backers Launching DirecTV-Targeted Petition


Jeff Zucker’s Legacy Is Defined By His Promotion Of Donald Trump

Many questions still swirl around Wednesday’s startling announcement that, after nine years, Jeff Zucker’s reign as CNN president was over. It will all eventually be revealed — teams of reporters are racing to dig into one of the biggest media stories in recent memory. But we already know one thing: When the dust settles, Zucker’s relationship with Donald Trump will define his legacy.

Fox News Skips Live Coverage Of Trump’s Rallies

Conservative rivals Newsmax and One America News are reaping viewership benefits by filling the void left by Fox.

Trump Calls For Boycotts Of AT&T And Comcast

Former president Donald Trump, who has been using his ongoing national circuit of campaign-style rallies to urge the boycott of DirecTV and parent company AT&T for removing conservative channel One America News (OAN), has expanded his wrath to Comcast. Speaking Saturday at the fairgrounds in the East Texas flatland town of Conroe, Trump described both publicly traded telecommunications giants as “left-wing lunatics who are destroying our nation.”


Trump’s Media War Is Entering Courtrooms

From the start of his presidential bid, Donald Trump took full advantage of the public’s growing mistrust of the mainstream press. The journalists tirelessly chronicling the near-daily scandals erupting from his White House were “scum,” he taunted. They were dishonest, he insisted. They were “the enemy of the people.” Now, more than a year after Trump’s presidential term ended, three volatile lawsuits forged in the culture-war fire he stoked are making their way through the legal system.

After Jan. 6, Sean Hannity Advised Trump: ‘No More Stolen Election Talk’

The Fox News host discussed with the White House press secretary how to dissuade the president from pursuing claims of voter fraud, newly disclosed documents show.

Ted Koppel Blasts News Media For Bias Against Donald Trump

Ted Koppel is not pleased with the news media, these days, particularly with its coverage of former President Donald Trump. As a guest on Dan Abrams Live on NewsNation Friday night, the esteemed, veteran journalist and former Nightline anchor shared his thoughts about media bias and — and his wish that news versus opinion had a greater distinction.


How NPR’s Steve Inskeep Cracked The Code For Interviewing Trump

Margaret Sullivan: The veteran host used a “truth sandwich” approach to counter the former president’s election lies. The idea is to avoid magnifying lies; and the technique is to surround false statements with established truths before and after, thus blunting the effect of what can amount to propaganda.

Texts Reveal Heights Of Fox News Hosts’ Influence

Text messages — newly released by the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 insurrection — between Fox News hosts and former Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows, crystallize with new specificity just how tightly Fox News and the White House were entwined during the Trump years, with many of the network’s top hosts serving as a cable cabinet of unofficial advisers.

Trump’s New Social Media Platform Set To Launch On Presidents Day

Former President Donald Trump’s new social media platform Truth Social is expected to launch on Presidents’ Day, Feb. 21, according to the latest Apple App Store listing. Truth Social, which the 45th president announced in October, is the latest conservative alternative to large social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, which the former president has repeatedly slammed for censorship.

Fox News And Trump Make Up, Ratings Soar

Going into 2022, the network’s alignment with Trump has it grappling with a pair of potentially catastrophic lawsuits. But its ratings are on top again.

GOP Rep. Nunes Leaving Congress For Trump Social Media Firm

A statement Monday from the Trump Media & Technology group said Nunes would serve as chief executive officer, beginning in January 2022. The company is preparing to launch a social media platform intended to rival competitors, including Twitter, which blocked Trump’s account in January following the deadly storming of the U.S. Capitol.

Trump Seeks Televised Debate To Push False Claim 2020 Election Was ‘Rigged And Stolen’

Former President Donald Trump on Sunday sent out a statement to his supporters suggesting there be a televised debate during which he could continue to share his baseless claims that the 2020 election was somehow “rigged and stolen.”

Rupert Murdoch Tells Donald Trump To Move On – ‘The Past Is The Past’

Rupert Murdoch warned that Donald Trump’s obsession with the past could hobble conservatives as political tensions rage, a telling rebuke coming from the controlling shareholder of Fox News as some Republicans try to steer the former president away from his 2020 election grievances.

Trump Social-Media SPAC Surges

The firm is promoting itself as having a large market opportunity in presenting an alternative to what it views as the liberal-minded media establishment.

Trump Announces Launch Of Social Media Site

Trump says his goal in launching the Trump Media & Technology Group and its “Truth Social” app is to create a rival to the Big Tech companies that have shut him out and denied him the megaphone that was paramount to his national rise.

Trump Seeks Order Requiring Twitter To Restore His Account

Former president Donald Trump on Friday sought a court order requiring Twitter to restore his account. In a 38-page request for an injunction, Trump’s lawyers argue that his continued absence from Twitter could hurt the Republican Party’s chances of winning future elections.

Trump To Offer Commentary At Heavyweight Fight On 9/11

Trump Seeks Court Order Forcing YouTube To Restore Channel

Former President Donald Trump on Monday urged a federal court to order YouTube to quickly restore his former channel on the online video-sharing platform. In a 39-page request for an injunction, Trump’s lawyers argue that his permanent suspension from YouTube is causing him “irreparable injury,” because he is being deprived of “his donor and merchandising platforms,” as well as his ability to endorse political candidates.

Read Trump Supporters’ 360 Pages Of Complaints To FCC Over ‘SNL’

Trump Suits Against Tech Giants Face Steep First Amendment Hurdles

A unanimous 1974 Supreme Court decision said newspapers could not be forced to publish replies from politicians they had criticized.

Rupert Murdoch Reportedly Made The Call To Bury Trump’s Election Night Dreams

Both Kushner and Trump are said to have personally pleaded with the Fox News owner to retract the call.

Trump Sues Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Alleging Censorship Of Conservatives

Trump announced the action against Facebook, Twitter and Google’s YouTube, along with the companies’ CEOs, at a press conference in New Jersey on Wednesday. He was joined by other plaintiffs in the suits, which were filed in federal court in Miami.

Major News Nets Skip Live Carriage Of Donald Trump’s Ohio Rally

Donald Trump’s latest rally was another greatest hits of media attacks, 2020 election falsehoods and long-held and more recent grievances, and while it drew a large in-person crowd in Wellington, Ohio, on Saturday night, it didn’t get an audience on the three major cable news networks. The reason: They didn’t carry it. C-SPAN carried the rally as part of its Road to 2024, as Trump is a potential candidate in the next election, and it also drew coverage on right wing outlets Newsmax and One America News Network. Fox News stayed with its Saturday night lineup of Watters World and Justice with Judge Jeanine; CNN featured an interview with former Vice President Al Gore, among other segments, and MSNBC had The Week with Joshua Johnson.

Facebook Suspends Trump For 2 Years

The two-year suspension is effective from Jan. 7, so Trump has 18 months to go. Nick Clegg, Facebook’s vice president of global affairs, wrote in a blog post Friday: “At the end of this period, we will look to experts to assess whether the risk to public safety has receded. We will evaluate external factors, including instances of violence, restrictions on peaceful assembly and other markers of civil unrest.”

Trump Shutters Floundering Blog

Amazon-MGM Deal Renews Speculation: What Happens To ‘Apprentice’ Outtakes?

Fox News Made Me Do It: Capitol Attack Suspect Offers ‘Foxitis’ Defense

Anthony Antonio, who is facing five charges including violent entry, disorderly conduct and impeding law enforcement during civil disorder, fell prey to the persistent lies about the so-called “stolen election” being spread daily by Donald Trump and the right-wing network that served him, his attorney Joseph Hurley said during a video hearing.


Facebook Board Upholds Trump Suspension

The social network’s quasi-independent Oversight Board has voted to uphold his ban from the platform after his account was suspended four months ago for inciting violence that led to the deadly Jan. 6 Capitol riot. But the board said Facebook must reassess the penalty because it imposed it “indefinitely.”

Trump Launches New Communications Tool After Social Media Ban

Former President Trump has rolled out a new tool to communicate with his supporters in lieu of platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, which banned his accounts. Trump’s platform, “From the Desk of Donald J. Trump,” features videos from the former president and statements from his leadership PAC, which have been sent out over email for several weeks.

Facebook: Decision On Whether Trump Ban Will Be Overturned Coming Wednesday

The Facebook Oversight Board will announce its long-anticipated decision on the fate of former President Trump’s Facebook account at 9 a.m. ET on Wednesday. The board said last month that it had received more than 9,000 public responses concerning Trump’s indefinite suspension from Facebook and Instagram.

Supreme Court Vacates Ruling Barring Trump From Blocking Twitter Critics

It said the case is moot. There were no noted dissents, but Justice Clarence Thomas wrote separately to say the court at some point will need to examine the power of tech media companies.

Court Lets Former ‘Apprentice’s Defamation Suit Vs. Trump Proceed Again

NEW YORK (AP) — Former President Donald Trump could face questioning under oath about a former “Apprentice” contestant’s sexual assault allegations against him, following a ruling from New York’s highest court Tuesday. Evidence-gathering has been on hold in Summer Zervos’ defamation lawsuit since Trump asked the high court last year to declare the that the […]