Fox News Made Me Do It: Capitol Attack Suspect Offers ‘Foxitis’ Defense

Anthony Antonio, who is facing five charges including violent entry, disorderly conduct and impeding law enforcement during civil disorder, fell prey to the persistent lies about the so-called “stolen election” being spread daily by Donald Trump and the right-wing network that served him, his attorney Joseph Hurley said during a video hearing.


Facebook Board Upholds Trump Suspension

The social network’s quasi-independent Oversight Board has voted to uphold his ban from the platform after his account was suspended four months ago for inciting violence that led to the deadly Jan. 6 Capitol riot. But the board said Facebook must reassess the penalty because it imposed it “indefinitely.”

Trump Launches New Communications Tool After Social Media Ban

Former President Trump has rolled out a new tool to communicate with his supporters in lieu of platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, which banned his accounts. Trump’s platform, “From the Desk of Donald J. Trump,” features videos from the former president and statements from his leadership PAC, which have been sent out over email for several weeks.

Facebook: Decision On Whether Trump Ban Will Be Overturned Coming Wednesday

The Facebook Oversight Board will announce its long-anticipated decision on the fate of former President Trump’s Facebook account at 9 a.m. ET on Wednesday. The board said last month that it had received more than 9,000 public responses concerning Trump’s indefinite suspension from Facebook and Instagram.

Supreme Court Vacates Ruling Barring Trump From Blocking Twitter Critics

It said the case is moot. There were no noted dissents, but Justice Clarence Thomas wrote separately to say the court at some point will need to examine the power of tech media companies.

Court Lets Former ‘Apprentice’s Defamation Suit Vs. Trump Proceed Again

NEW YORK (AP) — Former President Donald Trump could face questioning under oath about a former “Apprentice” contestant’s sexual assault allegations against him, following a ruling from New York’s highest court Tuesday. Evidence-gathering has been on hold in Summer Zervos’ defamation lawsuit since Trump asked the high court last year to declare the that the […]

Trump Launches ‘Official Website Of The 45th President’

Former President Trump and former first lady Melania Trump have launched a website meant to allow supporters to request their participation in events, submit letters and ask for personalized greetings. A brief statement from the former president’s office Monday evening announced the launch of “the official website of the 45th President of the United States” and stated that the former first couple is “continually strengthened by the enduring spirit of the American people” and looks forward to “staying in touch.”

News Ratings Plummet Post-Trump

Barely two months into the post-Trump era, news outlets are losing much of the audience and readership they gained during his chaotic presidency. In other words, journalism’s Trump bump may be giving way to a slump.

Trump To Launch Own Media Platform, Senior Adviser Says

Former President Donald Trump has plans to work around bans he has faced on social media by launching his own platform, according to his senior adviser Jason Miller. “I do think that we’re going to see President Trump returning to social media in probably about two or three months here, with his own platform,” Miller told Howard Kurtz on Fox News’ “MediaBuzz” Sunday.

Trump Recommends Vaccine On Fox News

Former President Donald Trump told Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo Tuesday night that he would recommend that viewers get the COVID-19 vaccine, despite polls showing higher skepticism and resistance among his own supporters.

Court Dismisses Trump Campaign’s Defamation Suit Against NY Times

YouTube To Restore Trump’s Account When ‘Risk Of Violence’ Falls

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said Thursday that former President Trump’s account on the platform will be reinstated “when we determine that the risk of violence has decreased.” Trump’s YouTube account was suspended a week after the deadly insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

An Updated Version Of Brian Stelter’s ‘Hoax’ Coming In June

NEW YORK (AP) — CNN media correspondent Brian Stelter thought more than a quick update was necessary in preparing for the paperback edition of his book from last summer, “Hoax: Donald Trump, Fox News and the Dangerous Distortion of Truth.” In effect, he’s writing a substantially different book, adding some 20,000 words to the 95,000 […]

DOJ Settles First Amendment Suit Over White House Press Access

What The Trump Administration Meant For Freedom Of Information Requests

We can begin to glean at least the outlines of what happened when Donald Trump met the law that the late New York Times columnist William Safire said “has done more to inhibit the abuse of Government power… than any legislation in our lifetime.” The results of that clash are as revealing about the 45th president as they are about FOIA.


Fox News Follows The Money Away From Trump

Tara Lachapelle: Distancing from the former president may hurt ratings for a while, but it will safeguard profits over the long term.


CNN Chief’s Ratings Lust Helped Give Us Trump

As the 45th president’s second impeachment trial arrives on Tuesday, CNN viewers might want to recall how Trump’s presidency came about in the first place. It was in no small part the work of CNN chief Jeff Zucker, who announced last week that he will leave the network at the end of 2021. It started with Trump’s celebrity breakout on The Apprentice two decades ago. Zucker was the NBC executive who used Trump to boost the network’s troubled ratings. In the process, he made Trump himself a household name.

Trump Banned From Ever Rejoining SAG-AFTRA

Donald Trump, who resigned from SAG-AFTRA on Thursday while facing almost certain expulsion from the union, has now been banned from ever rejoining. The SAG-AFTRA National Board, meeting via Zoom videoconference Saturday, passed a resolution preemptively denying any potential re-admission applications by him.

Donald Trump Resigns From SAG-AFTRA

Facing expulsion from SAG-AFTRA, Donald Trump resigned his membership from the union Thursday. To which SAG-AFTRA president Gabrielle Carteris and national executive director David White simply said: “Thank you.”

TV Captures The End Of A Tumultuous Presidency

As Trump completes his time in office with made-for-TV images, ABC’s George Stephanopoulos says, “The image in my head is Richard Nixon in 1974.”

YouTube Extends Trump Ban For ‘Minimum’ Of Another 7 Days

YouTube announced on Tuesday that it is extending its suspension of uploads from outgoing President Trump’s account for “a minimum” of another seven days, citing “concerns about the ongoing potential for violence.” The Google-owned platform, which initiated the Trump ban last week after Trump supporters’ insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, confirmed that it will also continue to stop comments from showing on videos posted in Trump’s channel.

SAG-AFTRA Board Moves To Expel Trump

On Tuesday, the national board of SAG-AFTRA announced that it will be holding a disciplinary hearing against the outgoing president of the United States, where he could face possible expulsion from the actors’ guild.

Trump Faces Expulsion From SAG-AFTRA

Donald Trump is facing possible expulsion from SAG-AFTRA. The union’s national board of directors will meet Tuesday morning in a special session regarding disciplinary action against him, which could lead to his expulsion. The former star of The Apprentice — and soon-to-be former president — has been a member of the union and its forerunners, SAG and AFTRA, since 1989. Above, Macauley Culkin with Trump in 1992’s Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.

Four Years In The Front Row

The country’s best female political reporters go on the record about what it was really like covering Trump’s America.


Jessell | Confronting The Big Lie, Television Broadcasters Can Do More

It’s time to stop fueling President Trump’s lie that the election was rigged, and broadcast needs to play an important role in doing so. The NAB must cut off support to the lie’s congressional enablers, talk radio must sever ties with hosts fueling the lie and TV stations need unequivocal language to characterize it for what it is.

Twitter CEO Defends Trump Ban; Warns Of Dangerous Precedent

“I do not celebrate or feel pride in our having to ban @realDonaldTrump from Twitter,“ Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey wrote. But he added: ”I believe this was the right decision for Twitter.” Dorsey acknowledged that shows of strength like the Trump ban could set dangerous precedents, even calling them a sign of “failure.” Although not in so many words, Dorsey suggested that Twitter needs to find ways to avoid having to make such decisions in the first place.


Reflecting On The Media’s Handling Of Trump

Margaret Sullivan: “What’s happened in the journalism sphere is complicated. Tragically, crucial sources of local news have withered, while the toxic media of the radical right thrives. The reality-based national press, though flawed and stuck for too long in outdated conventions, has managed to do its job — with dedication and with bravery, given the dangers created by Trump’s antipathy to what he calls ‘the enemy of the people.’ ”

Pai Has Issues With Permanent Trump Social Media Bans

In response to a question on his last press call, outgoing FCC Chairman Ajit Pai said he has some issues with the permanent bans on President Trump’s Twitter and Facebook accounts, adding that he recognized the country was going through difficult times “and these are difficult questions to confront.”

Snapchat Permanently Bans Donald Trump

Snapchat has permanently banned President Trump’s account for his “attempts to spread misinformation, hate speech and incite violence,” a company spokesperson confirmed to TheWrap on Wednesday. “Last week we announced an indefinite suspension of President Trump’s Snapchat account, and have been assessing what long term action is in the best interest of our Snapchat community,” a Snapchat spokesperson said in a statement.

YouTube Temporarily Suspends Trump’s Account

YouTube announced that it will temporarily suspend President Donald Trump’s official account for at least seven days. The video sharing platform now joins a number of internet apps, including Twitter and Snapchat, that have limited the president’s access following his involvement in last Wednesday’s violent attack on the U.S. Capitol, which left at least six people dead.

Here Are All The Brands Severing Ties With Trump And His Allies

PGA Cancels Plans To Play 2022 Championship At Trump Course

The 2022 PGA Championship will not be played at Trump National Golf Club Bedminster in New Jersey, according to an announcement from PGA of America President Jim Richerson Sunday night. “The PGA of America Board of Directors voted tonight to exercise the right to terminate the agreement to play the 2022 PGA Championship at Trump Bedminster,” Richerson said in a written statement.


Trump Media Empire? Don’t Bet On It

He may desperately need his own platform now that he’s been exiled from Twitter, but it’s going to cost him more than he’s got.


Squelched By Twitter, Trump Seeks A New Outlet

Though deprived of his big online megaphones, Trump does have alternative options of much smaller reach, led by the far right-friendly Parler — even if Google and Apple both removed it from their app stores.

Twitter Permanently Bans Donald Trump

Twitter on Friday permanently suspended President Donald Trump from the site, meting out its toughest punishment two days after a deadly riot at the U.S. Capitol “due to the risk of further incitement of violence.”

Trump Prepares Pardon List For Aides, Family And Maybe Himself

President Donald Trump has prepared a sweeping list of individuals he’s hoping to pardon in the final days of his administration that includes senior White House officials, family members, prominent rappers — and possibly himself, according to people familiar with the matter. Trump is hoping to announce the pardons on Jan. 19 — his final full day in office — and his ideas are currently being vetted by senior advisers and the White House counsel’s office, the people said.

Facebook ‘Indefinitely’ Bans Trump

Mark Zuckerberg announced Thursday that outgoing president Donald Trump is “indefinitely” banned from Facebook and Instagram. The indefinite banning comes one day after the Capitol came under siege by a group of the president’s supporters, sending lawmakers into a lockdown and leaving four people dead.


Capitol Violence Sparks Social Media Reckoning With Trump

On Wednesday, in an unprecedented step, the two companies temporarily suspended Trump from posting to their platforms after a mob of his supporters stormed the house of Congress. It was the most aggressive action either company has yet taken against Trump, who more than a decade ago embraced the immediacy and scale of Twitter to rally loyalists, castigate enemies and spread false rumors.


Protesters loyal to President Trump stormed the Capitol on Wednesday, halting Congress’s counting of the electoral votes to confirm President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s victory as the police evacuated lawmakers from the building.

Donald Trump Blasts Media: ‘We Will Never Give Up. We Will Never Concede’

President Donald Trump slammed the news media once again as he rallied supporters at a demonstration outside the White House today, speaking just an hour before Congress is scheduled to begin a showdown over the certification of the 2020 presidential election. “The media is the biggest problem we have,” Trump said in the opening moments of his address to a crowd of tens of thousands in the National Mall at the “Save America” rally.