DigiCAP, iWedia Collaborate To Create ATSC 3.0-Hybrid HDMI Dongle

DigiCAP, the solution provider of ATSC 3.0 headend and the manufacturer of ATSC home gateway devices, and iWedia, part of Zappware Entertainment Group International (ZEGI) and the provider of world-class software […]

For Fast-Aging Streaming Devices, 8GB Is Not Enough

From storage to processor speeds, most sticks, dongles, pucks and smart TVs in living rooms today are getting quickly left behind by the demands of the streaming wars.

Pundits Declare OTT Dongles ‘Dead’ Following Samsung NewFront Presentation

One billion smart TVs will be sold in the next four years, according to Evan Shapiro, and not one of them will need an HDMI stick or hockey puck to connect to the internet.

Microsoft Building Chromecast Competitor

Microsoft wants to give Windows Phone users a way to mirror their phone screen to the TV with a new dongle that just popped up in the FCC’s database.