Drew Barrymore Is Keeping It Clean

When you’ve acted, directed, written, produced, married, divorced, mothered and sold lipstick, what do you do next in America? Host a talk show, of course.

Barrymore Hopes To Emulate Letterman, Stern

As Drew Barrymore prepares to launch her syndicated talk show, she cites both men who became media stars through their comedy — ironic for Letterman, crude for Stern. Yet each man, as their careers lengthened, became particularly skilled at disarming guests to get beyond stilted “what have you been up to lately” conversations.


TVN Focus On Syndication | First-Run Syndie Revival Continues In 2020

Headed into NATPE this month, signs are looking good for first-run syndicated shows. More than half a dozen of last year’s debuts are returning and new fare from Drew Barrymore and Nick Cannon is poised to launch with a big push.

2020 Syndie Slate Taking Early Shape

It’s not yet December and already TV stations know with certainty that two of this year’s new shows will return, with two more rookies likely to get second-season renewals. Moreover, stations also already know two more big shows are coming down the pike next year, bringing the total to six before we’ve even hit 2020.

Drew Barrymore Set To Headline Daytime Talker

Drew Barrymore is officially coming to daytime TV. The actress will headline and executive produce a syndicated talk show for CBS Television Distribution, set to launch in the fall of 2020.

Drew Barrymore, CBS Shooting Talk Show Pilot

Drew Barrymore is taking another run at daytime, but this time with CBS Television Distribution at the helm.The Santa Clarita Diet actress is shooting a talk show pilot with CBS in New York this week. In 2016, Warner Bros. shopped a talk show starring the actress but it could not get the show on the air because it could not find time slots in major markets.

Drew Barrymore Talker Won’t Make Fall ’17

Sources say the show that was being shopped by Warner Bros. ran up against a shortage of eligible time slots on stations in major markets next fall. It could be revived later, they add.



Warner Bros. Shopping Barrymore Talker

Multiple sources say Hearst Television has agreed, or is close to agreeing, to carry the syndicated Drew Barrymore vehicle on “a large number” of its stations. While a syndicated weekday talk show headlined by Barrymore has been talked about for months, it has now moved closer to reality since WBDTD is out there pitching it, sources tell TVNewsCheck.

Drew Barrymore May Host WB Talk Show

There are rumblings that the actress has been discussing a talk show development deal with Warner Bros. and Ellen DeGeneres’ A Very Good Production banner.

Drew Barrymore To Be NBC’s ‘First Dates’ Narrator