LiveU & T-Mobile Go To Bat For Fox’s ‘MLB At Field Of Dreams Game’

The MLB at Field of Dreams Game broadcast on Aug. 12, produced by Fox Sports, in collaboration with MLB, paid homage to the renowned classic movie from Universal Pictures while relaying the […]

Sony Gets Into Drone Game With Airpeak S1

WSVN Chopper Dodges Drone While Reporting

The Sunbeam Television Miami Fox affiliate’s 7Skyforce helicopter was forced to avoid a drone that got too close to it while hovering over the scene of a car that had crashed into a Southwest Miami-Dade gym. Law enforcement has started an investigation into the incident.

FAA Issues New Drone Rules

The FAA on Monday said its long-awaited rules for the drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles, will address security concerns by requiring remote identification technology in most cases to enable their identification from the ground. Previously, small drone operations over people were limited to operations over people who were directly participating in the operation, located under a covered structure, or inside a stationary vehicle — unless operators had obtained a waiver from the FAA.


Collins | Remote ID Rules For Drones Up In The Air

A good working relationship between the media and the FAA should serve both parties well as specifications are developed. There’s no question that both groups are committed to and concerned for aviation safety. “Given the news media’s support of the overall adoption of a remote ID regime, it is highly likely that the parties will be able to come to accommodations in the final rules,” says attorney M. Anne Swanson.

Reynolds Journalism Institute Hosting Webinar On Drones

Dielectric Enables Near-Field Drone Measurements To Validate TV Antenna Performance

Near-field measurements eliminate special FAA waivers, reduce impact of signal reflections on measurements for broadcasters seeking to verify antenna radiation characteristics.

Drone Journos Watch As Certificates Expire

The Part 107 rules for unmanned aircraft require pilots flying drones for commercial purposes to renew their certification every two years. But the COVID-19 pandemic has forced the closing of the bulk of the private contractor centers in the United States where drone pilots can go for testing and renewal.

Drone Maker DJI Faces Uncertain Future

DJI, the world’s largest drone maker and a major supplier to TV news in the U.S., has been roiled by an IPO that never came to pass, an internal fraud scandal, a damaging trade war between the U.S. and China and now the coronavirus crisis threatening its essential U.S. market.

7 Hard-To-Get Drone Visuals You Can Get During The COVID-19 Pandemic

RJI Drone Journalism Director Proposes ID Rule Alternative To FAA

FAA Remote Drone ID Requirements Hold Promise, Peril For Journalists

WCPO Replacing News Chopper With Drone

FAA Proposes Tracking Most Drones

The country’s top transportation regulator on Thursday proposed tracking nearly every drone in U.S. airspace, a rule that would pave the way for companies like Google and Amazon to deploy commercial drones across the U.S. The rule, the culmination of years of work by the Federal Aviation Administration, will create a system that allows law enforcement and the government to track drones throughout the sky, distinguishing between licensed aircraft vehicles and those that are suspicious or potentially threatening.

KABC Chopper Struck By Drone, Lands

KABC’s AIR7 HD helicopter was struck midair by an object, believed to be a drone, while flying over downtown Los Angeles Wednesday night and had to make a precautionary landing.

Fox News Honored For Its Drone Education Program


WTIC Turning Hartford Into A ‘Drone Zone’

I contend that just about every news story, from live breaking news to routine news packages, can benefit from the perspective that drones can provide. But having the ability, the timing, the training and the equipment to include drone footage into daily news coverage is not easy. “I have a drone that is basically in a little briefcase and it is in the back of my car so it is on scene just as quick as I am,” says Fred Matthis, WTIC Hartford, Conn., drone operator.

FAA Paves Way For First Drone Deliveries

Alphabet Inc’s Wing Aviation unit on Tuesday got the OK to start delivering goods by drone in Virginia later this year, making the sister unit of search engine Google the first company to get U.S. air carrier certification, the Federal Aviation Administration said.

Drone Operators Share Lessons Learned

U.S. TV broadcasters have been flying drones with FAA permission since August 2016. By the end of 2017, 45% of U.S. TV stations already owned drones, and another 9% were planning to buy them, according to RTNDA Executive Director Dan Shelley.

New FAA Drone Regs You Need To Know

The Federal Aviation Administration has been busy these last few weeks, promulgating a bunch of different rules that have some consequences — short-term and long-term — for drone journalists.

New Drone Regs Affect Broadcasters

The FAA has issued a new set of rules requiring all unmanned aircraft systems (or drones) to display official registration numbers on the outside of the aircraft. Previously, registered drone’s unique identifier could be stored inside the device in an easily accessible area such as in the battery compartment so long as it was “readable and legible upon close visual inspection.”

Sinclair Celebrates Its 10,000th Drone Flight

The 10,000th flight occurred on Jan. 30, part of an assignment for a news report for WPMI Mobile, Ala. The drone was commanded by Robby Hughes from Sinclair’s WEAR Pensacola, Fla., with visual observer Jan Czernik stationed in Mobile.


How WAVY Juggles Its News Chopper, Drone

WAVY, Nexstar’s NBC affiliate in Portsmouth, Va., is in the fortunate position of having its own news helicopter on the premises as well as a drone. But deciding when to use either is a fine art. “So we see what fits best, the drone or the helicopter, and some days, we have them both out,” said Jeff Myers, WAVY’s news operations manager and chief photographer.


KXLY Creates Weekly Drone Feature

When KXLY Spokane got its drone, the staff was expecting to be able to use it to cover all kinds of news stories. What the newsroom didn’t anticipate was how limited the area to fly in was going to be: there are pretty tight FAA regulations around Spokane because of two airports and a military base in the area. Like any good innovator, station executives didn’t let this setback stop them though. They used it as an opportunity to create a new franchise for the station. They weren’t really able to fly in the city, but the area all around — the beautiful scenery of the Inland Northwest — was fair game.

Apps To Make Drone Journalism Safer, Better

Drone Journalism’s Battle For Airspace

BirdsiVideo Launches TV Partners Drone Program

Television stations can use the service to access drones and pilots to produce high-quality news coverage.

Could News Drones Get Sidelined?

New proposed regulations may chill the media’s use of drones for newsgathering purposes.  They would make it a civil offense to fly a drone over private property at less than 200 feet without permission. Beyond that, a landowner could sue for per se aerial trespass — he or she wouldn’t even need to show damages from the drone passing over the property.


TV Newsrooms Increase Digital, Tech Efforts

The RTDNA/Hofstra University Newsroom Survey shows more TV and radio stations are streaming more content, but newsrooms are becoming more strategic, sharing digital and social media content on fewer, proven platforms. Also, the growth of Facebook Live is slowing and Twitter use among TV newsrooms is down. Social media drives a significant portion of traffic to TV and radio websites, which are growing in reach. Drone use is up significantly for local TV newsrooms.

Drones Changing How We Capture The World


Matthew Borowick shares his advice, methods and passion for drone storytelling.

Fox Soaring With Group-Wide Drone Program

Fox has a drone army that comprises nearly 90 fully trained drone pilots and more than 100 “visual observers” who accompany the pilots on every shoot to help out and insure safely. They are at work at 13 of Fox’s 16 news stations and at 11 Fox News Channel bureaus. The goal is eventually to have multiple crews at every location. Above, a recent class photo from a drone flight school in Cumming, Ga.

RJI Names Director Of Aerial Journalism

The State Of Drones, One Year Later

It’s been more than a year now since the Federal Aviation Administration issued its final rule — Part 107 — permitting journalists and others to fly small drones for commercial purposes. No longer must news outlets apply for section 333 exemptions or have an airplane or helicopter pilot on scene. A set of best practices is evolving, beyond adherence to the regulatory requirements.


The Skies Are Clearing For News Drones

Looser rules plus technology improvements should spur broader adoption of the newsgathering tool.

FAA Warns of Drone-Plane Collision Risks

The millions of small civilian drones plying the nation’s skies can cause significant damage to airliners and business jets in a midair collision, new research commissioned by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration concluded.


Drone Coverage Of Floods Earns KWWL Emmys


FAA Rule Changes Coming For Drones

The FAA is working to revise rules for commercial drones to allow easier access to controlled airspace, such as around airports, through a new process known as the LAANC system. Eric T. Ringer, senior product manager and co-founder of Skyward, discusses the changes and how they will affect broadcast TV drones in the future.

New York Establishes Drone Testing Corridor

ROME, N.Y. (AP) — Envisioning a day when millions of drones will buzz around delivering packages, watching crops or inspecting pipelines, a coalition is creating an airspace corridor in upstate […]

CNN Gets Approval To Fly News Drone

CNN said today it has received Federal Aviation Administration approval to fly drones while covering news events involving large crowds. The Time Warner-owned news organization said it will have the ability for the first time to fly an unmanned aircraft system, or UAS, over crowds of people at an altitude of up to 150 feet.

FAA Bans Drones Near Major US Landmarks

The FAA announced the no-fly drone zones at 10 Department of the Interior sites on Thursday. They take effect Oct. 5.