Gray Appeals FCC Fine Over Alaska Duopoly

“No finding of liability and no fine is appropriate in this case,” Gray says in its 48-page filing involving its Anchorage stations.


What’s In Store In ‘19? Jessell’s 8-Ball Knows

TVNewsCheck’s prescient editor, Harry Jessell, asks his infallible Magic 8-Ball to reveal how 2019 will unfold for various aspects of the television business, including core advertising, political advertising, retrans, mergers, FCC ownership caps, Big-4 duopolies and ATSC 3.0. He then expounds on the answers since, while all-knowing, the 8-Ball is notoriously terse.


Wheeler’s Just Wrong On Duopolies

Disregarding all the changes that have roiled the television industry over the four decades since the FCC adopted its ban on owning two TV stations in the same market, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler now believes that it is absolutely imperative that the FCC buck up the old rule by closing loopholes that broadcasters have been using to get around it.


Schurz Sees Value For All In Duopolies

The SVP of Schurz Communications says her company’s duopolies benefit not only the stations’ P&Ls, but also their communities. “You can get the back-end efficiencies, but you still have to have robust competitive products for the station to grow long term.” She also explains why Schurz has been quiet in the post-recession station trading market and discusses the success she’s had with Rentrak as a Nielsen alternative.