GatesAir Supplies Exciter For DVB-T2 Field Trials

GatesAir, a global provider of wireless, over-the-air content delivery solutions for TV and radio broadcasters, has supplied its Maxiva XTE exciter to prominent Australian broadcast entities — TX Australia, Broadcast Australia, and Free TV — for DVB-T2 field trials on Australia’s Gold […]


Media Broadcast Launches DVB-T2 Trial In Berlin

IBC 2014

GatesAir To Test Fixed/Mobile TV System

The company’s trial in Europe is intended to show the feasibility of transmitting both OFDM-based digital television — in this case DVB-T2 — for home reception and LTE-based video to smartphones and media tablets on the same television channel. It’s slotted to begin in the next six months.

IBC 2013

DVB-T2 Flexes Muscles With 4K, Mobile B’cast

At the IBC Show this week in Amsterdam, the DVB standards body is showing off one of the top priority goals of ATSC 3.0 using its DVB-T2 standard: A single terrestrial signal that’s robust enough to send a 4K broadcast to a television set and a lower-resolution broadcast to a mobile device.


Next-Gen TV Standard: DVB With A Twist?

Proposals for the upcoming ATSC 3.0 TV transmission base much of their plans on the European standard DVB-T2. The ATSC’s goal is to develop a standard by 2016 that generates a signal robust enough to be received on smartphones and tablets and on TV sets with indoor antennas virtually anywhere. “I’m very pleased with all of the responses,” says Mark Richer, ATSC president. “There’s a great range of companies, a lot of support.”