Studios Hatch Plan To Save DVDs

The market for physical discs has evaporated. So Universal Pictures and Warner Bros. are looking for a way to save the format.

Why 2.7 Million Americans Still Get Netflix DVDs In The Mail

Adam West Welcomes First ‘Batman’ DVD Release

LOS ANGELES (AP) — No surprise: Adam West has an excellent sense of humor. The actor, after all, was immersed in a madcap brew of scenery-chewing villains and pun-filled dialogue in the 1960s TV series “Batman” and yet managed to portray the caped crusader as both in on the joke and properly superheroic. In a […]

28 Years Later, ‘L.A. Law’ Gets Its DVD Release

TV Rival: Video Games, DVDs On Rise

Alternative devices for viewing TV/entertainment content have been growing — but nowhere has this gain been more evident than with video-game devices. Knowledge Networks says that in 2011, playback/recorded content via video-game devices amounts to 12% of all 13- to-54-year-olds who watch streamed or downloaded TV programs or movies through a video-game system at least once a month.

Huge ‘Law And Order’ DVD Set Out In Fall