‘Criminal Minds’ Gets DVR Viewing Boost

CBS’s procedural drama Criminal Minds may be aging, but it still has some vigor among DVR viewers. The March 1 episode of Minds posted a 2.2 rating among viewers 18-49 with seven-day DVR playback added in, according to Nielsen. That was up 69%, or 0.9 points, from its original 1.3 live-plus-same-day DVR playback rating.

DVR Viewers Boost NBC’s ‘The Blacklist’

NBC’s The Blacklist isn’t a top-rated show, but it is a DVR all-star. The Feb. 23 episode of the James Spader drama posted a 1.9 rating among viewers 18-49 with seven-day DVR playback added in, according to Nielsen. That was up 1.0 point or 111% from its original 0.9 live-plus-same-day DVR playback rating.

NBC’s ‘Timeless’ Shows Huge DVR Growth

NBC’s first-year drama Timeless isn’t exactly a ratings juggernaut, but it receives more than half of its audience from DVR viewership. That was the case for the show’s Feb. 6 episode, which averaged 6.06 million total viewers with seven-day DVR playback added in. That was up 107% from its original live-plus-same-day DVR viewership of 2.93 million. It was the only program during the week ended Feb. 12 to more than double its audience through DVR playback.

DVR Ratings Offer Premiere Week Winners

The DVR playback numbers are in for fall TV premiere week’s Monday and Tuesday offerings, and CBS’s The Big Bang Theory as usual got much bigger, while NBC’s This Is Us solidified its position as a breakout hit.

Fox’s ‘Empire’ Finale Jumps With DVRs

The season-two ender posts a 6.0 rating among 18-49s with seven-day DVR playback factored in, up 1.9 points from its original 4.1 rating.

Think Of Thursday Night As Must-DVR TV

Five of the week’s seven biggest gainers from seven-day DVR playback air on that night, led by CBS’s Big Bang Theory. Other biggies: How to Get Away With Murder, Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal.

ABC’s ‘Murder’ Slays Among DVR Viewers

ABC’s How to Get Away With Murder returned from its midseason hiatus with just so-so ratings, but the episode received a huge boost through DVR playback. The Feb. 11 episode posted a 3.6 rating among viewers 18-49 with seven-day DVR playback added in, according to Nielsen, double its original 1.8 live-plus-dame-day DVR playback rating.

‘X-Files’ Premiere Soars Among DVR Viewers

The return of the Fox supernatural drama posts an 8.3 rating among 18-49s with seven-day DVR playback added in, up 2.2 from its original rating.

DVR Playback Winners And Losers

Fox’s Empire still lords over the broadcast TV landscape, topping this fall’s charts with a 7.3 demo rating once Live+7 DVR playback is factored in. The musical sudser’s success is due in part to a meaty DVR bump of 2.3 rating points — the largest absolute gain of any broadcast series.

Where Cable Really Shines: On DVRs

Cable shows take the top 10 spots for TV’s most-time-shifted shows of 2015, led by FX’s Fargo, which jumps 240% from live to seven-day playback. The top 10 get at least a 166% lift. FX, HBO, MTV and USA all had two shows on the list.

‘Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Soars On DVRs

ABC’s “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” increased its 18-49 rating by 85% through DVR playback.

‘Dome’ Breaks Out With DVR Viewing

Ratings for the CBS summer drama are well off from its first season, but the show sees strong growth from seven-day DVR playback.

Big DVR Showing For CBS’s ‘Big Brother’

Premiere week for CBS’s Big Brother was a big one for DVR viewers. All three episodes of the long-running reality competition were among the five most-recorded shows among viewers 18-49 during the week ended June 28, when it kicked off its 17th season.

Season’s Big DVR Winners And Losers

 Winners: The Blacklist, Elementary, supernatural dramas and broadcast’s top comedies. Losers: Sports, movies, newsmagazines and first-year comedies.

King-Size DVR Boost For Fox’s ‘Empire’

For its March 4 episode the hip-hop drama posted an 8.3 rating among viewers 18-49 with seven-day DVR playback added in, according to Nielsen, up 43% from its original 5.8 live-plus-same-day rating.

ABC’s ‘Murder’ Premiere Breaks DVR Records

The drama added 6 million viewers with three days of time-shifting, making it the top freshman performer in the adults 18-49 demo with the biggest DVR viewership increase in history.

‘Almost Human’ Sees Strong Early DVR Stats

The Fox drama gets a 32% lift after its football lead-in premiere, topping a 4.0 rating in the key demo.

‘Blacklist,’ ‘New Girl’ Among DVR Winners

After becoming the first broadcast show to grow by 5 million viewers or more from Live+Same Day to Live+3, NBC‘s hot freshman The Blacklist has set another DVR record, becoming the first broadcast series to add more than 6 million viewers from L+SD to Live+7. And Fox’s New Girl almost doubled its live+SD result, posting the biggest percentage gain in Live+7, 89%, to a 3.6.

‘Sleepy Hollow’ Is DVR’s Most-Improved Show

Nielsen’s latest round of premiere week measurements show strong growth for promising freshmen, ratings boosts from last fall and CBS’s unstoppable returning comedy The Big Bang Theory besting even Sunday Night Football.

Calculating Ratings As DVRs Shift Habits

What is notable about the start of the new fall TV season, according to network executives, is a surge in not just delayed viewing, but very-delayed viewing.


Networks Should Drop The ‘Blame-DVR’ Stuff

Network executives feel day-after ratings hurt their image because they don’t take into account DVR-juiced viewing that happens in the following days. They want the focus to shift to their numbers that take into account, say, a week’s worth of time-shifted viewing. It will never happen. No network will dare drop out of the night-after publicity game. Makes no sense.

Syndicated Talk Shows Do Well On DVR

Dr. Phil and Ellen are among some of the talkers to boast sizable DVR improvements after viewers are given a week to catch up — even if those bumps aren’t close to the gains that top primetime programs typically see.

DVR Gains Temper New Shows’ Losses

Time-shifting is making up for some of the sharp decreases in live viewing of new shows in week two of the season, based on seven-day playback.

Premiere Week DVR Numbers: Way Huge

Delayed viewing makes up for some of the declines in live viewership, with some shows up by 60% or more. Modern Family and Revolution see the biggest bumps.


‘Modern Family’ A Big Winner With DVRs

Through the first two weeks of the season, the Nielsen Co. said an average of 4.5 million viewers watched a recording of “Modern Family” after it first appeared on the air. That lifted the show’s viewership from nearly 14 million people who watched it live to 18.5 million. CBS dominated live viewing again last week with 16 of the top 25 shows in Nielsen’s ranking.

Rentrak Intros Local Market DVR Data

Its StationView Essentials service will now offer six different time period ratings options.